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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the frequently asked questions about the Zoom integration in BuddyBoss Platform Pro.

How can we protect the meetings just for group members? 

For social groups, if the group is private then only the group members can view the group’s content including the meetings. You can also enable passwords for any meeting you create, and enable passwords for all recordings (from your Zoom account) and then if your group is private only the group members see the passwords.

The BuddyBoss option does not appear when I am trying to add the Gutenberg block.

New- Make sure you have configured the settings for Zoom Gutenberg Blocks via BuddyBoss > Integrations > Zoom > Zoom Gutenberg Blocks.Create a Server-to-Server OAuth app in your Zoom account and connect with Account ID, Client ID, Client Secret, Account Email, Secret Token, and Notification URL. Check out our Zoom Integration Tutorial for more details. 

Which meetings and recordings are synced to my website?

Currently, Zoom Integration does not pull past recordings from the account connected. The integration fetches and syncs the meetings created in the group using the Platform.

Can the default host create meetings in the group?

If the default host is also a member of the group and is allowed to create a meeting as based on the Group Permissions, then he/she can create as well as edit and delete a zoom meeting. With this, the host must be a member of the group too, otherwise, he/she will not be able to create a meeting.

Do we need to buy a Zoom license to make it work?

No, the integration works with the free version of Zoom, but with limited features (no cloud recordings, and no alternate hosts). You can choose to buy a license for Zoom based on your specific requirements.


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