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Setting Rules for a Membership Level

We are going to create a rule to protect the content or posts tagged with the ‘members-only’ tag so only the users who have purchased the membership have access to that content on your website.

  • Edit a few posts and set the tag as ‘members-only’ if you haven’t already.
  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > MemberPress > Rules and then click the Add New button.
  2. In the Content & Access options, select the preferred content you want to restrict the access to from non-logged in or from users who have not bought the membership.
Creating a rule for the memberships

a. Select All Content Tagged from the drop-down list and enter the tag members-only in the text box.

b. Select the Access Conditions as Membership from the drop-down and then select the newly created membership (Membership #1) from the drop-down.

c. Click the Save Rule button to publish the new rule for the content.

When a user successfully purchases a membership plan for your website, they’ll have access to the content based on the rules for the membership.

Post preview for non-members
Post preview for members


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