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Connecting a Zoom Account to a Social Group

Configure Zoom Integration For Social Groups

Step 1: Enable Social Groups Zoom Meeting

Firstly set up your Zoom Integration for BuddyBoss Platform Pro. Then from the WordPress backend navigate to BuddyBoss – Integrations – Zoom. Scroll down to find the Zoom Settings.

Zoom Integration For Social Groups

Here, you can enable Zoom Meetings on your Social Groups. Tick the Social Groups checkbox which will allow group organizers to connect their own Zoom accounts to a group. After configuring this section, don’t forget to click Save Changes.

Step 2: Set Up Social Groups for Seamless Zoom Meetings

Now, navigate to any of your Social Groups. Navigate to ManageZoom

Step 3: Authenticate Zoom Account for Social Groups

First step is to complete the Authentication section. 

On the top right there is a Setup Wizard which will walk your Group Organizers step-by-step through the entire zoom app authentication process, but follow along with this tutorial as we explain all the steps involved. 

The first thing you need to do is Sign In to your account on the Zoom Marketplace

Under the Develop dropdown menu, select Build App

Here, let’s click Create under Server-to-Server OAuth. Scroll down to see how to add any name for your App. 

After creating the app fill up your Basic and Developer Contact Information. This is essential before you activate your app.

We now need to configure the event notifications by Zoom on the Feature tab. This step is used  to allow meeting updates from Zoom to automatically sync back into your group.

Next, we add the appropriate account permissions from the Scopes tab. Click +Add Scopes and add the following permissions under each scope type. If you scroll down you will see other options clearly. 

In this section, you have to allow some permissions. 

In Meeting tick the boxes of:

  • View all user meetings
  • View and manage all user meetings

In Webinar tick the boxes of:

  • View all user Webinars
  • View and manage all user Webinars

In Recording tick the box of:

  • View all user recordings

In User tick the boxes of:

  • View all user information
  • View users information and manage users

In Report tick the box of:

  • View report data

At this point, you should see that you have 8 scopes added. Once all these have been enabled, click Done and then Continue to the next step.

With all the previous steps completed, your app should now be ready for activation. Click Activate your app.

Once the app has been activated, you can go back to the App Credentials page, copy the Account ID, Client ID & Client Secret and paste them into the fields in the form below. If multiple zoom users are available, you will then need to select the email address of the associated account for this group.

Make sure to click the Save button on this tab to save the data you entered. You have now successfully connected Zoom to your group.

Step 4: Group Permissions

In the Group Permissions tab you can select which members of this group are allowed to create, edit and delete Zoom meetings. 

Group Permissions

And that’s how you connect your Zoom account to your BuddyBoss Social Groups. 

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