myCRED Add-on

Each myCRED add-on serves a different purpose and you may choose to install them based on the requirement of your site. 

Installing a myCRED Add-on

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Points > Add-Ons.
  2. Click the Activate button for the myCRED add-on you want to install. For example, click the Activate button for Badges Add-on on your website.
Activating the Badges Add-on
  • The Badges Add-on allows you to create badges – a visual token of achievement.
  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Points > Badges.

For further setup, refer to the official documentation of the Badges Add-on.

Similarly, you may install and activate the preferred add-on on your website for myCRED and the BuddyBoss Theme will automatically style the content without breaking your site.


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