LearnDash Setup

In this tutorial you will learn how to install and configure LearnDash LMS for BuddyBoss Theme. We have taken extra care to make sure LearnDash looks beautiful with our theme, and we’ve added custom integrations to make learning social by connecting courses with social groups.

LearnDash 3.0

Our BuddyBoss Theme is designed to make LearnDash look beautiful, and it requires LearnDash 3.0 or above in order to work properly. LearnDash 2.0 and below uses a now “Legacy” template pack which is not compatible with our new BuddyBoss Theme. Once LearnDash 3.0 is installed, you will need to go to LearnDash > Settings > General, and make sure to set the “Active Template” to LearnDash 3.0. If you are using BuddyBoss Platform with a different theme, then you would need to consult with that theme author to determine which version(s) of LearnDash are supported by that theme.

Installation Instructions

You can integrate the LearnDash LMS plugin with BuddyBoss Theme to create a stunning online learning site to sell your courses.

We recommend the BuddyBoss Platform to make the learning experience of your audience social.

  1. Purchase LearnDash LMS.
  2. Download the ZIP file provided by LearnDash.
  3. Extract the downloaded file to the WordPress plugins folder yourhostname/wordpress/wp-content/plugins OR
    Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Click the Upload Plugin button. Browse to the download file location, select the & install the plugin.
  4. Click the Activate Plugin button to activate the LearnDash LMS plugin on your website. OR
    To activate the plugin on your website site go to WordPress Dashboard -> Plugins and then click the Activate button for LearnDash LMS.
LearnDash LMS - Activating the plugin
Activating the plugin

Tip: Make sure you add your license key details in the LearnDash LMS > Settings > LMS License > License Settings after you activate the plugin.

  1. To assign the correct template pack to work with the BuddyBoss Theme, go to LearnDash LMS > General > Design & Content Elements > Active Template, select LearnDash 3.0 and then click the Save button.
LearnDash LMS - Template setting for LearnDash
Template setting for LearnDash

BuddyBoss Theme supports LearnDash 3.0 and above only. We do NOT support the theme templates for Legacy (Older versions of LearnDash).

  1. Go to LearnDash LMS > Courses > Add New to create a new course on your website. 
    1. In the Course page tab, add the course title, a featured image, cover photo and other details.
    2. In the course Builder tab, add sections and lessons for the course and then click the Publish button.
LearnDash LMS -  Single Course Page Preview
Single Course Page Preview


We're always happy to help with questions you might have! Search our documentation, contact support, or connect with our sales team.