Fluent Support

Fluent Support is a self-hosted feature-rich customer support ticketing system solution for WordPress with unlimited tickets, support agents, users, products, tags, and channels. The plugin lets you manage your customer queries from different channels such as contact form, support ticketing form, email or a remote website.

  • Fluent Support’s BuddyBoss Integration allows you to:
    • Display a user’s BuddyBoss group details on the Ticket Entries page. The details displayed are the group name and the date of joining the group of the user

Note: No add-on is required for the integration, however, you must be using Fluent Support Pro. The User’s BuddyBoss Group details will automatically occur when you have the BuddyBoss Platform plugin installed and activated on your site.

To view a user’s BuddyBoss Group details on the Ticket Entries page:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Fluent Support > Tickets.
  2. Click the preferred ticket to open the Ticket Entries page.
    The BuddyBoss Group details are displayed in the meta box with the name of the group and the date of joining.
BuddyBoss Group details of a user on a ticket entries page
BuddyBoss Group details of a user on a ticket entries page

For further setup and tutorials, refer to the official documentation of the Fluent Support plugin.


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