Tutor LMS Setup

Configure Tutor LMS Integration

Navigate to BuddyBoss> Integrations> Tutor LMS

If you haven’t installed BuddyBoss Pro yet then you will see this notification. So, install and activate the BuddyBoss Pro and then come to this page again.

Enable Tutor LMS

Now, tick the Tutor LMS Group Sync to enable Tutor LMS integration settings. Don’t forget to click the Save Settings button.

You will now have 2 more options. Course Visibility that allows course instructors to link their courses to groups. And, Display Course Activity with 7 sub-options under it. 

Posts in Activity Feed

This option allows you to select which custom post types show in the activity feed when members, instructors and site owners publish them. Also, you can select whether or not to show comments in these activity posts. 

Under Custom Posts you will have some post types- Courses, Lessons, Topics, Quizzes, and Certificates. Further, you can enable the comments of particular post types in the activity feed. For instance, we have enabled everything. Finally, don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button.

Create a Group with Course

Now go to the Groups page and press on Create a Group.

Give the group a Name and Description. Then click Create Group and Continue.

Change the Settings as you need. 

We select the Club as the type of thi group. Then click Next

Tick the box to have a Forum under this Group and hit the Next Step

Upload a group Profile Photo by clicking Select your life and then click Next Step

Now upload the Cover Photo the same way. Then go to the Next Step.

Now, let’s Invite some members to this group. 

Click Send and then Next Step.

Tick the box to add Course Tab in your Group. 

Select Course Activities and Courses for that Group. For the last step, enable courses for this group by ticking the box. As the admin or group organizer, you will have the option to enable these Course Activities for your group. Then click Finish. Please remember this only shows up and is only usable if you’re the site administrator or an instructor of the courses.

Now you will redirect to your created group page. 

Group Management of Tutor LMS Course Activities 

From the WordPress Dashboard, go to BuddyBoss> Groups and select a group where you need to add courses. Click Edit

Scroll down to find out the Tutor LMS section, now tick the box.

Now the Select Course Activities and Course for this group. Finally click the Update button. 

That is all for this integration. Let us know if you face any trouble during the set up period. 


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