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GamiPress + BuddyPress Integration

The GamiPress + BuddyPress Integration plugin allows you to connect GamiPress with your BuddyPress activity events and features.

The integration works and requires the BuddyBoss Platform installed and activated on your website.

BuddyBoss Platform is a fork and forge of the BuddyPress plugin and bbPress plugin. Any plugin developed for the BuddyPress and bbPress plugin is supported by the BuddyBoss Platform.

You do NOT need to install the BuddyPress plugin or the bbPress plugin separately. BuddyBoss Platform acts as a replacement for both the plugins.

Installing the plugin

To install GamiPress + BuddyPress Integration add-on:

  1. Go to WordPress Admin Dashboard > GamiPress > Add-Ons.
  2. Click the Install Now button for the BuddyPress Integration add-on to install the GamiPress + BuddyPress integration on your website.
GamiPress + BuddyPress Integration - Installing the add-on
Installing the add-on
  1. Click the Activate button to activate the add-on on your website.
GamiPress + BuddyPress Integration - Activating the add-on
Activating the add-on

You can assign points, achievements, and ranks for BuddyPress events like account activation, profile updates, sending/accepting friendship requests, sending/replying private messages, activity stream events, group events and much more.

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