BuddyBoss Platform

Profile View As

Learn how to quickly switch to another member’s profile and view the site from their perspective. This feature is built into the BuddyBoss Platform and available to site admins.

Configure ​​Profile “View As”

Let’s assume we want to log in as Charles. By clicking on her profile, we can easily switch to his account by selecting View As. Now, we are logged in as Charles and can explore the site using his account. Click on the three dots. 

You will see the View As option and hit on it.

Tada! We are logged in as Charles. 

There is another way to find the View As option, beside the Follow button hit the three dots, the View As option will appear. 

For instance, if we visit the message inbox, we can view all the conversations between Charles and other users. Similarly, notifications intended for Charles will be visible to us as well. At any point, we can swiftly switch back to the admin account by clicking on “Switch Back to Admin” and regain our administrator privileges.

This feature enables administrators to navigate the site as other members, facilitating testing, troubleshooting, or providing assistance to users when necessary.


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