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Minimum Required Specifications

  • Linux Server ( Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) ideally 
  • Nginx or OpenLiteSpeed or LightSpeed Webserver 
  • php7.4 
  • Mysql 8.x or Mariadb 10.5.x 
  • Redis Object Server 6.2.x 
  • Zend Opcache 
  • Apache Module mod_rewrite 
  • PHP GD or imagick modules – WordPress will fail to create images and will NOT show an error – AllowOverride should be set to All in folders where .htaccess is located 
  • Minimum: 4cpu cores & 16gb ram (staging or pre-launch) (high frequency 3ghz cpu cores Vultr / AWS) – Recommended for launching: 8cpu cores & 32gb ram (live) (high frequency 3ghz cpu cores Vultr / AWS)


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