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View More Comments

View More Comments

Simplify comment management, organize threads, and boost user engagement in your activity feed with View More Comments. Learn how to streamline your comment management workflow and enhance both user experience & site performance. Say goodbye to comment clutter and hello to a more streamlined community experience.

View More Comments in BuddyBoss Platform

From your WordPress backend, navigate to BuddyBoss – Settings – Activity Feed

Scroll down a bit and you will see a new section for Activity Comments. From here as the site admin, you can now enable or disable comments on an individual activity post if you want. 

The comment threading option will help to make your activity feed look tidy by organizing comment replies into threads. You can also set the thread levels on this dropdown like we set Level 4.

In the Comment visibility option, you can set the number of displayed comments per post. For example, we set 2. Moreover, you can select how many comments will load on each request with the Comments loading option. We select 10 comments here.

Lastly, you can allow users to Edit Activity Comments and set the duration from 10 minutes to forever. Now, let’s click Save Settings then head over to our Activity Feed to see these changes.

In this News Feed, under Adrita’s post, you can see lots of people have commented and only 2 comments are visible. To see more comments you have to press on the View More comments option.

After pressing on it, a modal will appear depending on how many additional comments you set to load on each request. If we click on View replies next to a comment you will see the replies for this comment.   

Replies to an activity comment will be shown in separate threads, except when replying to a comment at the deepest level. This only applies to platforms, not apps.

Here you can see the deep-level replies. 

This is the look of your comment if there is a single or multiple image with it. 

Users can also add videos in the comments section.

View More Comments in the BuddyBoss App

In the BuddyBoss App, you will see more comments by clicking on the numbered available comments. Like here we press the 25 Comments

After pressing it, the available comments are loading. You can see the comment thread by hitting on the view replies.  

There will be deepest threads as well if someone comments in the thread.

In the app, you will see your comments with images and videos like this. 

Managing comments in your BuddyBoss community just got a whole lot easier with View More Comments. Whether you’re using BuddyBoss Web or App, these improvements ensure a seamless experience for both admins and users alike. 

This streamlined design keeps your activity feed post-centric, making it easier to navigate and engage with your community.


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