BuddyBoss Platform

Profile Repeater Fields

In this tutorial, we show you how to set up Profile Repeater Fields allowing your users to set repeatable data. For example, you might want users to enter their work history multiple times, once for each job. In BuddyBoss Platform this is very simple to configure.

Configure Profile Repeater Fields

Go to BuddyBoss – Profiles. Hit on the New Field Set button. 

For instance we have created a field set for Educational Information. Then click the Save button.

Now click on the Educational Information field and press the Add New Field button.

You can now edit the field, select the Type of the field. We have set this as a required field and it will be publicly visible. Click on the Add New Field button again to create another new field.

Here we have created another field named Date Graduated. Select the Type – Date. This is a required field and will be visible publicly. Finally hit the Save button.

Navigate to the Profile and click on Edit

In the Educational Information field, add the university name and the graduation date. Don’t forget to Save Changes button. 

Let’s have a look at the profile now, the educational data will be visible there. 

Navigate to the backend of Profile Fields again. Click on Educational Information and then hit the Edit Field Set button. 

On the right side you will discover the Repeater Set, turn it Enabled. Then press the Update button. 

Again go back to the profile and hit the Edit button.

Under the Educational Information you will see there is a button Add Another available. 

Let’s add another university information and hit the Save Changes button.

See the added university right there. 

Navigate to the Profile again see there are other university information appeared. 

Profile Repeater Fields is an awesome feature for your website members. Hope you will get help out of it. 


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