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At BuddyBoss, every community is unique, from hosting to plugin choices. Introducing the Performance section, where you can adjust your BuddyBoss configuration without custom code. 

Let’s dive into the new Performance Tab and its two settings for faster page speeds.

Configure Your Website Performance 

Navigate to your WordPress backend, go to BuddyBoss – Settings – Performance


The first option we have under General is Page Requests. By default, your page will use 2 Page Requests per load, but if you want super faster page loading and a more responsive website, you can even set this to 1 page request.

Note: If you switch to a single request, do test your core BuddyBoss pages for any third-party plugin compatibility issues or custom code conflicts.


Here you can set up the default amount of activity posts loaded at a time, before loading further posts on scrolling.

With the configuration set to 5, we will now load 5 posts before displaying a Load More button. You can also change this behavior to become Infinite Scrolling, which will automatically load the next 5 posts when the user reaches the bottom of the page. 

Let’s check out this GIF to see the different behaviors. –


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