BuddyBoss Platform

Group Subscription

In this tutorial we will walk you through the Group Subscriptions feature. With this enabled, all users will be notified whenever there is a new activity post in any group they are subscribed to.

This is a fantastic method to increase engagement across your social groups allowing your users to select their preferred notification type, whether it’s through Web, Email or App.

Configure Group Discussion

1. Navigate to BuddyBoss – Settings – Groups. Under this section, you will see a ‘Subscription’ option to Allow members to subscribe to groups

When a member is subscribed to a group, they can receive notifications of new activity posts and discussions created in the group.

By default, a member is automatically subscribed to a group if they:

  • Joined a public group 
  • Accepted an invitation to join a group
  • Or accepted into a private group

And automatically unsubscribed if the member:

  • Left the group
  • Or Removed from the group
  1. Go to the Profile – Account – Notification Settings

Here, you can see new notification types under Social Groups for 

  • New post in a group you’re subscribed to
  • And New discussion in a group you’re subscribed to

Previously, members can manage their subscribed Forums and Discussions under their Profile page – Forums – Subscriptions

Users have a dedicated page to manage all subscriptions both in the Web and App by navigating to Account Settings – Notification Settings – Subscriptions.

This page is where members can manage their subscribed Groups, Forums, and Discussions all in one place. To unsubscribe to a subscription you can just simply click the “X” button next to the group name. 

Once you unsubscribe from a subscription you will be notified with a confirmation at the bottom of the screen and you will no longer receive new notifications from that group, you will still remain a member of the group, and if you would like to receive notifications from that group again you can always visit the group and click on the ‘’Bell’ icon. These are the same steps if you want to unsubscribe to a Forum or Discussion. 


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