BuddyBoss Platform

Group Forum Discussions

In this tutorial we show you how to connect forum discussions to your social groups, which will increase the engagement of the group’s members.

Configure Group Forum Discussions

Navigate to BuddyBoss – Components. Activate the Forum Discussions and click on Settings

Scroll down to find the Group Forums and allow the social groups to have their own forums by ticking the box. In the end of this page you will find a Save Settings button, don’t forget to click that as well. 

Select any group from your groups and click on the three dots under the group header section. Go to Manage – Forum and then enable this group to have a forum and hit the Save Settings button. 

If you again hit those three dots you will see a new option there- Discussions

After pressing this, you will lead to the discussion area of this group. Click on the New Discussion.

A popup will appear where you can add Discussion title, Discussion and Post it. 

After posting the discussion will look like below. Anyone can Reply, Subscribe or make Favorite Your Discussion.

With this Group Forum Discussion feature your members can always discuss their ideas and interact with each other in a strategic way.


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