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Profile Completion Widget

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure the Profile Completion widget for your members, so they can track their progress in filling out their profiles. This will encourage your members to add all of their profile data and upload their profile/cover photos.

Configure Profile Completion Widget

Navigate to Appearance – Widgets. Click on Members -> Single Profile and hit on the + button. Now search for the Profile Completion widget. Select the widget. 

This widget will dynamically display the completion progress based on each user’s profile. We have ticked every box for a member’s profile completion. You can choose which profile fields you want to include in the completion process. Finally press the Update button. 

Now let’s refresh the frontend of a member’s profile. You will see the widget is there. As the member has uploaded the profile photo, the Profile Photo section is green and there is a score of 31. 

From Profile – Edit, the member can customize the profile. 

For example, Adrita has written the Biography of her profile. 

Refresh the page to see the widget in action. It will display the completion status based on the customization of the member. You can see the Biography section is completed and it’s now 1/1. Also the percentage of profile completion has increased. 

By utilizing the profile completion widget, you can effectively encourage your community members to fully populate their profiles, leading to a more engaging and vibrant community experience. Cheers!


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