BuddyBoss Platform

Connection Auto Follow

Enable Follow Option 

Go to BuddyBoss – Settings – Activity. Tick the box of Follow, this will allow your members to follow the activity of each other on their timeline. Ensure you have clicked the Save Changes button from the page below. 

Enable Auto Follow Feature

Navigate to BuddyBoss – Settings – Connections. From this section enable the Auto Follow feature. It will automatically allow members to follow another member once they connect with them. Check the box, then click the Save Changes button. 

Check Feature works in the Frontend

From the members directory page, John has sent a connection request to April Geller. He is neither connected nor following this person. 

On a separate window here, I logged in as April Geller and I am going to accept the connection request we’ve just sent using John’s account. 

From here, let’s go to the Profile Dropdown > Connections > then Pending Requests. On this page, we can see the connection request from John. Let’s click Accept here.

Then let’s go back to John’s account. He received a notification that Adele had accepted the connection request. And just like, we are now connected and following Adele. 

Now we will see if John really follows April Geller. Go to April’s account and click on the three dots. You will see that there is an unfollow button which means John is following April. 

With this feature stay connected and updated about each other. 


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