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Close Comments

Close Comments

Sometimes a comment reaches the end of its value, whether it’s due to the issue being resolved, or perhaps it’s no longer relevant. The Close Comments feature allows comments to be closed from further engagement but allows you to keep the original post available for community members to read. 

Close Comments on BuddyBoss Platform

Let’s navigate to BuddyBoss – Settings – Activity. You will find the Close Comments option under Activity Settings

Check the box and don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button.

Go to your News Feed page and from your post click on the ellipses (3 dots), a menu bar will appear with the Turn off commenting option. 

After pressing it you will see a notification under that post You turned off commenting for this post. Now, no one will be able to write a comment or edit an existing one in this post.  

Note: Site Administrators have the ability to turn off comments to any post automatically.

In the same way, you can Turn on commenting

Note that if a non-admin user turns off post commenting, site admins can turn it back on. 

Moreover, you will get this option in your groups as well. 

This turn-off commenting notification will appear under the post. 

Close Comments in the BuddyBoss App

Login to your BuddyBoss App and navigate to the News Feed. Click on the ellipses (3 dots) of your post. A modal will appear with the Turon off commenting option, let’s press it. 

You will then get this turn-off commenting notification under that post.

In the same way, you can Turn on commenting in your mobile app.

You will get this turn-off commenting option in your group posts. 

On a public group, if post commenting has been turned off by the group organizer, it will say An organizer turned off commenting for this post. And the post author cannot turn it back on. 


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