BuddyBoss Platform

Group Headers

In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the layout of group headers in the BuddyBoss Platform. You can choose to center-align or left-align the group avatars, and set which group elements to display or hide for additional information.

You can define the alignment of the group headers to:

  • Left
  • Centered

You can choose to display the following elements on the group headers:

  • Group Type
  • Last Activity
  • Group Description
    • If a group description is more than 200 characters, a “View more” link is displayed which shows the entire group description in a modal.
  • Group Organizers
  • Group Privacy

Note: You must have the BuddyBoss Platform Pro (version 1.2.0 and higher) installed and activated on your site to unlock the new group headers feature. 

Customizing the Group Headers

You can choose the alignment for the group header and choose the elements to display additional information about your BuddyBoss groups. To customize it:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > BuddyBoss > Settings > Groups.
  2. In the Group Headers section, select the default alignment for the group header. For example, select Centered for the Header Style option.
  3. In the Elements option, select which elements you want to display in your BuddyBoss group headers. For example, mark the checkboxes for Group Type, Last Activity, Group Description, and Group Privacy.
Customizing the group headers
Customizing the group headers
  1. Click the Save Settings button to apply the changes.
Preview of the group headers
Preview of the group headers


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