BuddyBoss Platform

Group Headers

In this tutorial, you will learn how to customize the layout of group headers in the BuddyBoss Platform. You can choose to center-align or left-align the group avatars, and set which group elements to display or hide for additional information.

Configure Group Headers

Navigate to BuddyBoss – Settings – Groups. Scroll down to find the Group Headers section. 

You can see there are 2 different Header styles and 5 Elements are available here. For now, we will choose the Left header style and all the elements will be ticked.

Let’s now move to a group and notice properly that the Group Avatar is on the left. Furthermore, you will find the Group Type, Last Activity, Group Description, Group Organizer, and Group Privacy in the group header area. 

We will now select the Centered header style and untick the Group Type, Group Description, & Group Privacy. Only the Last Activity and Group Organizer will be selected. Please scroll below and hit the Save Settings button or you won’t see the differences you make now. 

Reload that group page again. And see the Group Avatar is centered, only the Last Activity and Group Organizer information is visible. 

This way you can customize your groups as you want to be present to your members.


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