BuddyBoss Platform

Profile Search

In this tutorial we show you how to configure a search form on your member’s directory, allowing users to search for each other based on their profile field data. Let’s check out the Profile Search.

Configure Profile Search

Go to BuddyBoss – Settings – Profiles

Scroll down to find the Profile Search feature. Enable advanced profile search on the members’ directory by ticking the box. And don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button. 

Then a link will be attached to the advanced profile search text, just click on it. 

It will navigate to the Profile Search option, where you can edit how to search for people in your membership website. Let’s click on Add Field, or you can hit the Add New button. 

If you try to select any Field, you will get a ton of options. For now, we are selecting Last Name, as we have already created First Name

We will also add a Nickname. Apart from that, we will add the Description and hit the Update button.  

This is the final step, reload your Members page where you can see all your members. In the right side check out the profile filter options. The Field name and Description have reflected in the frontend. 

Through this feature you can set the profile search technique in your website. You can add some other unique options as well. 


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