BuddyBoss Platform

Group Privacy

Social groups in BuddyBoss platform can have their privacy set to either; Public, Private or Hidden. In this video, we teach you how you can set up your group privacy options.

Configure Group Privacy

Navigate to BuddyBoss – Groups. Let’s press the Edit button of a group. 

In the Settings of a group, you will see the Group Privacy option. Firstly we will select the Public and don’t jump to the next page without pressing the Save Changes button.

Reload the group you have just edited. Notice carefully, that it’s addressing this group is Public. 

Now select the Group Privacy to Private. Never forget to click the Save Changes button. 

Reload that group and see it is now a Private group.

Lastly, we will select the Group Privacy as Hidden. And I think you won’t miss to press the Save Changes button. 

You will now see this group is Hidden. Also, this group will not be visible in the Group Directories either.

There is another option to set the Group Privacy. Click on the three dots of a group next to the Send Invites option. A tiny drop-down will open, hit on Manage – Settings. From this page, you will see the Privacy Options of this group. 

Enjoy supervising your groups!


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