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Profile Avatar Display Name

Why Use the Profile Avatar Display Name Feature?

Say goodbye to blank profiles! Gone are the days of generic or missing avatars. With initial avatars, every member and group automatically has a recognizable profile image, fostering a more varied and vibrant community site.

Configure Profile Avatar Display Name

Navigate to BuddyBoss > Settings > Profiles. Here you can see the Display Name Format is First Name

Scroll down to the Profile Images section. And you will see this new Display Name option under the Default Profile Avatar

If you scroll down more you will see the preview and how this will look on your web and app users. Before leaving don’t forget to click the Save Settings button from the bottom of this page. 

Let’s go to the Members page. You will clearly notice the new Display Name in the avatar of users profile who haven’t uploaded any picture yet. As for this site, I have selected the First name so it will show single initials on the default profile avatar. 

Configure Group Avatar Display Name

Go to the Groups section from the backend. Under the Group Settings, scroll down to the Group Images section. Then select Group Name for the Default Group Avatar. You can also preview the cover image here for web and app users. Now, hit the Save Settings button. 

Let’s switch to the frontend to demonstrate how this feature will appear on your website.

Using initials as a profile avatar can strike a balance between providing a visual representation of a user while respecting privacy and maintaining a professional and organized appearance.


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