BuddyBoss Platform

Group Messages

Configure Group Messages

Navigate to BuddyBoss – Settings – Groups. Allow for sending group messages to group members by ticking the box. At the end of this page there is a Save Settings button, don’t forget to click that. 

Select any group, you will discover there is a Send Messages option, click on it.

There are two types of messaging options, Group Message and Private Message. Through Group Message you can send messages to all your group members. 

Now, notice the Private Message option, through this, you can send private messages to each of your members separately. Beside the Send Message button, there is an option where you want to pass the message individually or by creating a new thread. Here, we are sending it individually. 

After sending the message you will receive a notification like below. 

Again we will send messages but now it’s for the specific people, and it’s individual. 

After sending the message, the notice will be like you have sent a message to 2 persons individually.

One of the members is Nabil. If we navigate to his inbox, notice carefully, he has received both the group and your personal message. 

If you want to select the Create New Thread and send all members it’s not possible. In that case, you have to select which person you want to send a message. 

The Group Messages feature is handy to manage the messaging with your group members and it is really useful.


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