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Group Activity Feeds

In this tutorial, we show you how to enable Activity Feeds in your social groups.

Enabling Activity Feeds for social groups

Any updates, media, new member joining a group, etc. is automatically added to a group’s activity feed. To enable activity feeds for social groups:

  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > BuddyBoss > Components.
  2. Mark the checkbox for Activity Feeds and then click Activate to enable it sitewide.
Social Groups - Enabling Activity Feeds
Social Groups – Enabling Activity Feeds

NOTE: Activating the Activity Feeds component adds a ‘Feed’ tab to social groups and a ‘Timeline’ tab to member’s profile pages.

Social Groups - Activity Feeds tab preview
Social Groups – Activity Feeds tab preview

Members can post updates, media, documents, emoticons, etc. from the feed page.

NOTE: The activity post respects the group privacy settings, i.e., if an update is posted in a private group, only the members of the group will see the post in their activity feeds page.


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