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Profile Types

In this tutorial, you will learn how to segregate users by profile type. For example you could have some users as Teachers and others as Students, and then customize the profile fields based on profile type.

Configure Profile Types

Enable Profile Types

Navigate to BuddyBoss – Settings – Profile.

If you scroll down, you can see an option to enable Profile Types. Tick the box and don’t forget to hit the Save Settings button. This will allow you to segregate your member profiles into different types. For example, maybe you have on a learning site, one profile type who’s a Teacher, another profile type who’s a Student. There are a lot of different scenarios depending on what you’re doing with your site. 

Create Different Profile Types

After saving there will be some other options available. For now we will click the Profile Types hyperlinked text. 

It will lead you to the Profile Types page. Click on the Add New button. 

Write down the new profile type. You have to add the Plural and Singular Label as well. Now hit the Publish button.

After publishing an Add New button will appear, click on that and create another type of profile for instance Student or Coach. 

Let’s get back to BuddyBoss – Settings – Profiles. Now enable Display Profile Types. Now hit the Save Settings button.  

From the left side bar select Users. Let’s Edit Adele and Alyssa’s profile. 

Now in Adele’s profile press the Extended Profile option. We will select the Profile Type to Coach and hit the Update Profile button. 

Same goes for Alyssa’s profile but we will select her profile type as a Student

If you go to the Member directory, you will see Adele is a Coach and Alyssa is a Student. 

Create Profile Fields for Profile Types

Go to BuddyBoss – Profiles. Press the New Field Set button.

Now write down your desired field set for instance Coach Information and click the Save button. 

We will create Student Information as follows. 

In the Coach Information tab click the Add New Field button. 

Here you can add Coach Experience and hit the Save button. Have a close look at the right, this field is only available for Coaches of the website. 

On the other side, in the Student Information tab again click the Add New Field button. 

Here add School History and hit the Save button. Look at the right, this field is only available for Students of the website

Now from Adele’s profile, who is a Coach we will navigate to Profile – Edit

Coach Information has appeared at the front. Add what is your experience or how long. 

After clicking the Save Changes button, If you reload Adele’s profile you will see the added coach experience information is there. 

Alyssa will do the same for adding Student Information. 

Editing Particular Profile Types

From BuddyBoss – Profiles – Profile Types, let’s edit a profile, for instance, Teacher.

Scroll down to the Members Directory, Enable the first option which will display the profile type in the “Types” filter in Members directory. Now hit the Update button.

Refresh your members’ page and there will be an option called All Types available where you can find the Teacher profile type, let’s click on Teacher

You will now see the teachers profile only.

Let’s move onto the next options of members directory. Here you can hide this particular (teacher, as we are editing it) profile in the members directory. Another option is you can hide this profile type from Network Search.  

There are other options available to customize the profile type, like- 

  • Profile Field
  • Group Type Creation
  • Group Type Membership Approval
  • WordPress Role

In WordPress Role, you can automatically assign the registered member in a particular role. 

There is an option available for changing the Label Colors as well. In the bottom, you will find the Shortcode to display this particular profile in a dedicated page. Let’s press the Copy of Clipboard

From the left sidebar, Pages – Add New

A new page will open, and from the blocks find the Shortcode block. 

Now, paste the code you copied earlier into the Teacher’s profile. Finally, hit the Publish button. 

If you click on the View Page button you will see what the page will look like. 

Here is the page dedicatedly created for teachers only. 

Hope this feature will assist you in creating Profile Types.


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