BuddyBoss Platform

Hide Profile Tabs

Configure Hide Profile Tabs

Go to the BuddyBoss – Profiles – Profile Navigation

Let’s say we don’t want to see Groups, Videos, and Photos on users’ profiles, we can go in here and check Hide for those options and click Publish, and just like that, they will be gone. 

If you refresh the profile page, you can see that those tabs are gone.

It’s worth noting that the functionality for using forums and uploading documents in your timeline still exists for the user; it’s just that we’ve hidden these tabs from the profile view to simplify. 

Connections does not have the ability to be hidden, as it’s set as the default tab. Whichever one of these tabs is set as default in the settings will not be allowed to be hidden, as it needs to always be visible.

It’s a simple addition that we’re sure some of you will find useful.


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