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Member Secure Profile URL

Why Use Secure Profile URL in Your BuddyBoss Platform?

A member’s profile URL is currently created using their username which creates a major privacy concern for customers who generate usernames using email addresses. 

With this Secure Profile URL feature, you now have the ability to secure the URL of a member profile by generating a unique identifier. To get this feature, just update to the latest version of BuddyBoss Platform. 

In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up a unique URL identifier for your members.

Configure Secure Profile URL

Navigate to the WordPress Admin backend on the BuddyBoss – Settings – Profiles. On this page, we added a new section for Profile Links. And under this dropdown, you can select between Username and Unique Identifier for the format of your member’s profile links. 

Configure Unique URL Identifier

Note that both formats will open the member’s profile, so you can safely change without breaking previously shared links.

By default, this is set to Username. And if we look at the frontend and view Adele’s profile, we can see that the URL is showing her Username.

Username in the URL

Now, let’s go back to the backend and change this to Unique Identifier then click Save Settings.

Unique URL Identifier format

Going back to Adele’s profile, let’s reload the page.It is now showing a string of characters and numbers instead of her Username, which makes her profile more secure.

Unique URL to Secure your member's profile

We hope that this Secure Profile URL feature will surely provide a secure and great user experience for your members. We’re looking forward to seeing your feedback.


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