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Why Use Share App Link Feature in Your BuddyBoss App?

Did you know, users referred by friends are 4x more likely to take action than other channels? Well, say hello to the latest feature, Share App Link.

It’s your secret weapon for making app discovery and installation a breeze through the power of recommendations.

Configure Share App Link 

Navigate to Buddyboss App – Settings – Feedback and scroll down to find the Share App Link

Tick the App Sharing box to enable the app sharing button. 

Since a user will be sharing your app through many channels, we want to be in control of the messaging. So let’s start by adding a Preview Title. Write the Preview Title and Preview Description. After that Upload the Preview Image

In order to enable this on iOS, we need to check the box to Enable on iOS and the same for Android. Of course, if you haven’t published your app on both stores, you can come back later and add them.

We should also provide a fallback link in case someone opens the link on an alternative device, such as a PC. 

And finally, if we go back to the top you can also see an App Sharing Link. You can apply this URL to buttons, and Quick Links on app pages or in your menus.

How to Share Your App Link

Now, go to your mobile app and navigate to More – Settings.

Scroll down and you will find the Share this App option, tap on it.

A new modal will appear showing different actions to share your app. For example, you could share this link directly to contacts or another app such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Share App Link feature in your BuddyBoss App turns word-of-mouth into a powerful user acquisition tool. It simplifies sharing your app, boosting visibility and engagement through trusted recommendations. Let’s boost your membership business to the next level.


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