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Deep Linking inside the BuddyBoss App

Deep linking enables you to use links to open specific screens in your BuddyBoss App.

You can deep link to your site’s posts and pages, as well as BuddyBoss Platform components, using the same links you use on the web.

For linking to app-specific content (such as app pages, in-app products and core app screens), we have created unique deep links that can be used to open these screens inside your app.

Posts & Pages

Posts and pages, as well as custom post types, can be deep linked to in your app using the same links you use on your website.

If the content type has native app support, it will open in a native screen. Otherwise, it will open in a web fallback.

BuddyBoss Platform

You can link to specific BuddyBoss Platform components such as groups, member profiles, activity posts, and forums using the same links you use on your website.

When clicked in your app, they will open inside the corresponding native app screen.

App-Specific Content

We have created unique links for linking to app-specific content such as app pages, in-app products and core app screens. These are content that are only available inside your app.

As such, you should only use these links in the following places:

  • Tab Bar and More Menus
  • App Pages
  • Content edited using the App Editor

When these links are opened inside your app, they will open the corresponding native app screen. If opened outside your app, such as in a browser, they will redirect to your site’s home page.

App Pages

App pages have deep links that you will find when editing an app page.

  1. In your WordPress Admin, go to BuddyBoss App > App Pages
  2. Open up the app page you want to get the deep link for
  3. In the sidebar, open the “App Page” tab
  4. Open the “Deep Linking” section
  5. Copy the deep link to use in your app

Deep links for app pages will be in the following format: https://www.[DOMAIN].com/bbapp/page/[APP_PAGE_ID]

For example, https://www.domain.com/bbapp/page/1.

Deep Linking for App Pages

In-App Products

You can use deep linking to link to specific in-app products in your app.

For example, if you want to have a block for a specific in-app product that will open the product when users click on it, you can do so by using product’s deep link.

  1. In your WordPress Admin, go to BuddyBoss App > In-App Purchases
  2. Click on “Products”
  3. Open up the product you want to get the deep link for
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the “Deep Linking” section
  5. Copy the deep link to use in your app

Deep links for in-app products will be in the following format: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/products/[IAP_ID]

For example, https://www.domain.com/bbapp/products/1.

Deep Linking for In-App Products

Core App Screens

In addition to adding core app screens to your Tab Bar and More menus, you can also deep link to them directly.

Deep links for core app screens will be in the following format: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/[SCREEN]

For example:

  • Product: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/iap_products/
  • Settings: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/settings/
  • Blog: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/blog/
  • Notifications: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/notifications/
  • My Library: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/my_library/
  • Courses: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/courses_all/
  • Course Certificates: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/course_certificates/
  • Course Categories: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/courses/
  • Groups: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/groups/
  • Members: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/members/
  • Activity: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/activity/
  • Messages: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/messages/
  • Profile: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/profile/
  • Documents: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/documents/
  • Photos: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/photos/
  • Forums: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/forums/
  • Discussions: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/topics/
  • BadgeOS Achievements: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/badgeos_achievements/
  • GamiPress Achievements: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/screen/gamipress_achievements/

Note: If you have added custom screens according to our article on  “Adding Custom Screens to the Tab Bar”, you can use deep links for those screens as well using the “menu_label” value.


You can also use deep links to navigate to specific settings screens, such as push notifications, email preferences, and so on. 

Deep links for settings screens will be in the following format: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/[SCREEN]/

For example:

  • Settings: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/
  • Login information: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/login-information/
  • Push notifications: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/push-notifications/
  • Email Preferences: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/email-preferences/
  • Privacy Settings: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/privacy-settings/
  • Export Data: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/export-data/
  • About: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/about/
  • Feedback: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/settings/feedback/

Logged-in Member

You can use deep links to link to specific profile screens of the member currently logged-in to your app.

Deep links for profile screens need to be in the following format: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/[SCREEN]

For example:

  • Profile: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/
  • View Profile: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/view/
  • Activity: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/activity/
  • Friends: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/friends/
  • Groups: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/groups/
  • Photos: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/photos/
  • Photos: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/videos/
  • Photos: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/documents/
  • Forums: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/forums/
  • Invites: https://www.domain.com/bbapp/profile/invites/


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