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Why Use Images and Icons Feature in Your BuddyBoss App?

Images and Icons is a smart feature for advanced branding of your BuddyBoss App. Here, you can custom images, add desired logos and set app icons. Let’s learn how to navigate it easily from your WordPress Dashboard. 

Configure Images and Icons

Navigate to BuddyBoss App – Branding – Images. Here, you will see the Images and Icons option. The first section is Home Screen, upload your desired logo by clicking Upload Image.

You can resize the logo as you want then hit the Finish button.

Check out the right side in the preview of how the logo will display in a mobile display. You are seeing the vision of iOS mobile, there is an Android preview as well. 

Then check the Login Screens. Upload Login Logo and Login Background

To set the Logo and Background images press the Finish button.

Voila! Here is the look your users will see when they are signing in. 

On the top of the mobile view, you will see the option bar. Till now we are watching the Login page preview. You can select the Forgot Password page preview as well. 

Next move to the Register Screens. Upload an image for the Register Background.

To make the look of your app unified we are using the same background image. You can use whatever image you like. A unified look provides a branding atmosphere to the users.

We will now see the Launch Screen. Firstly, upload the Launch Screen Background.

Secondly, tick the Show Spinner option and select a color for it. Lastly, hit the Finish button.

Now let’s see what the Launch screen will look like. The spinner will ultimately spin like this. 

The Image and Icons section is bigger than you can think. Yes, we believe in micro work to give a brand look on every screen of your App. Upload Icons for both iOS and Android. 

Resize the icon and press the Finish button.

Now at the bottom of the mobile preview see the iPhone view of your App icon. 

Then the Android App view. 

We have a dedicated Android Adaptive icon option where you can upload the Background Icon and Foreground Icon.

After clicking the Finish button you can see the preview at the right side.

Also, you can set up the Android Notification Icon. On the right side see how the notification will appear on an Android mobile. 

After setting all the Logo, Icons, and Background images don’t forget to press the Save Changes button otherwise you will lose all your setting options.

The images and Icons option is dedicatedly created for making your branding look in a very customized and easy way. We hope it will assist you in the long run. If you feel that there is something more we can add for your convenience please let us know. 

Check out the recommended image and icon size you should use while uploading them-

Home Screen Logo- 1200 x 180 pixels

Login Logo- 1200 x 774 pixels

Login Background- 2732 x 2732 pixels

Register Background- 2732 x 2732 pixels

Launch Screen Background- 2732 x 2732 pixels

iOS App Icon and Android App Icon- 1024 x 1024 pixels

Background Icon and Foreground Icon- 1024 x 1024 pixels

Android Notification Icon- 256 x 256 pixels
Your image must be in PNG or PSD format.



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