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Generating a Vimeo Authentication Code

The Vimeo authentication code enables you to use offline mode within the LearnDash integration for all your Vimeo videos.

Note: Offline Mode with Vimeo only works with a Vimeo Pro account.

  1. Go to https://developer.vimeo.com/ and log in with your Vimeo account. 
  2. Go to My Apps tab and then click Create New App or click the New App button.
Create an app for BuddyBoss
  1. Fill in the three required fields (App name, App description and App access) and then click the Create App button.
Create an app
  1. Once created, scroll to the Authentication tab.
    1. Click the Authenticated (you) radio button, mark the scopes checkboxes – Private and Video Files.
    2. Click the Generate button.
Generate access token

Note: You need a Vimeo Pro (or higher) account for the authentication code to work on your website for offline mode.

  1. Copy the generated access token to your clipboard.
Generated access token for the app
  1. Go to WordPress Dashboard > BuddyBoss App > Integrations > Vimeo and paste the access token in the Vimeo Authentication Code textbox.
Vimeo Authentication Code
  1. Click the Save changes button.


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