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Get ready to dive into the exciting world of App Pages! In this tutorial, you will receive an engaging introduction to App Pages. Plus, you’ll also be a master to configure your app’s Homepage and seamlessly integrating it into the Tab Bar for an enhanced user experience.

Why Configure App Homepage?

Set Your Homepage

Firstly, navigate to BuddyBoss AppApp Pages. From App Pages let’s create a new page by clicking on the Add New button. 

Next, you will lead to a page where it will give you a mobile app interface. Here, you can set your app page with the help of Gutenberg blocks. And it’s really easy to configure. We place the Title name Home and press the plus (+) icon. Let’s add the Members block first on your App Homepage.  

The Members block is added. Next, we are adding the Quick Link block. With the Quick Link, your user will redirect to any social media page or other page you want.

You can add more Quick Links with the plus (+) icon.

Here you can change the icon. 

Let’s say you want to add a Facebook icon, on the right side there are Icon Settings to adjust the look of the icon. Then press the Select Icon

The icon will look like this- 

Now we will select the Activity block. 

So our Home Page should look like this in your mobile app.

Set Your Homepage in the Tab Bar

Go to BuddyBoss – Menus. Now, under Tab Bar, click on App Page and scroll for Home. If you don’t find it click on View All

Select Home and press the Add to Menu button.

On the right side, you will see a new option Home is added. Click on Home and hit the Item Icon.

Here we select the Home icon and adjust the Icon Settings at the right side. Finally hit the Select Icon button.

Then you will see the icon you just set. Don’t forget to click the Save Menu button.

Let’s check out your App Homepage. The page is set as we made it in the backend. Also, there is the icon. 

This is the simple way to create a Homepage in your app. After configuring your app’s Homepage and seamlessly integrating it into the Tab Bar no doubt you will enhance user experience effortlessly.


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