BuddyBoss App

App Maintenance Mode

Configure App Maintenance Mode

Similar to how maintenance mode works on the BuddyBoss theme, you can use this so no one can use your app during maintenance or migrations. 

From your WordPress backend, navigate to BuddyBoss App – Configure – General. Then you will see a new section called Maintenance Mode

When this option is enabled, all app access will be restricted and a maintenance screen will be displayed to your app users. To enable this feature, just check the box then click Save Changes

It’s important to note this does not restrict any web traffic, so you’ll need to combine this option with the BuddyBoss Theme Maintenance Mode. Move forward to BuddyBoss – Theme Options – Maintenance Mode.

Now, let’s switch to the app so I can show you what your app users will see on their end. So, this is what your users will see Under Maintenance notice if they try to access your app while the Maintenance Mode is enabled. 

For background color, go to BuddyBoss – Branding – Colors – General – Background Color.

To set the Icon, select from Branding – Images – Login Screens – Login Logo.

To change the text color, navigate to Branding – Colors – Text Colors – Heading Text Color & Body Text Color.

You can also modify the font style through Branding – Typography – Headings & Body Text.

As you can see, we kept this very minimal and we made sure that this page will match your App branding so you don’t have to do any extra work. And that’s all for the Maintenance Mode on the BuddyBoss App. 


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