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Why Use Typography in Your BuddyBoss App?

Typography allows you to add custom fonts to match unique branding styles. It covers the process of importing fonts from Google, assigning them to various BuddyBoss App sections, and adjusting font scales for optimal readability. Let’s see how you can customize it. 

Configure Typography

Navigate to BuddyBoss App – Branding – Typography. Here you will see the Import Fonts section. Click on the Upload Fonts button.

A popup will appear where you can upload your own fonts. In this tutorial, we will discover the Google Fonts. 

If you click on Import Google Fonts you will see this popup. Where you can select any font. For example, if we select Acme, check out the demo of the font right below. And there are warnings like what this font can’t display in your BuddyBoss App. So Acme can not support multiple styles in the App so it’s better to select another one if you need all the styles. 

Now we select Roboto and see how many styles are supported with this font. And you can see the samples also. Let’s click the Import button. Please note that you can upload as many Fonts as you want. To give a unified look we are selecting one type of Font style.

Look at the top of the page, and see the successful message of importing the font we selected. Under Import Fonts, check the Roboto is available and you can change the Font Size. Have a look in the Select Fonts section. For Body Text, select a font, as we have Roboto here choose. 

The same goes for Navigation Bar Titles

In the Headings section select your Font. As we mentioned before if you have uploaded more Fonts you can use them in different areas of your BuddyBoss App. 

We do the same thing for Tap Bar as well. Check at the right-down side to see how your Tab Bar will look. 

Isn’t it amazing to see the preview just on the right side? Now, select the Font Family for Menus, and don’t forget to click the Save Changes button or you will lose all your settings.

Typography acts as the initial voice of a brand, setting its tone and identity through visual style. Moreover, it influences the audience’s perception even before they engage with the content directly. So, choose your Font Style and font Size and set it the right way to attract your app users.


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