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Configure Blog Posts

Navigate to BuddyBoss App> Settings> Blog Posts. Under Bookmarking you will notice the Sharing and Related Posts options. Enable both of them to grant members the ability to share blog posts with others and show related posts from the same category. Don’t forget to click Save Changes

Let’s move to the Blog page on your app, click on one of the blog posts here. 

As soon as you open the blog post, you will immediately see the updated look and layout of the single blog post screen. At the top of the blog, there is a Share button next to the comment button. 

Clicking on the share button will open the default share sheet, presenting all the options and apps installed on your phone. Click the Copy button and you are ready to share the link anywhere you want. 

At the bottom of the blog you will see the Related Posts. This section will display related posts in the same category. You can click See All to view all blogs. But if there’s no category used, it will display the latest posts by date. 

Sharing feature is the easiest way to encourage visitors to interact with the content and share it with their networks. And, the Related Posts feature aims to boost user engagement, encouraging visitors to interact with the content and get more information. 


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