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Why Use the Bookmark Feature in BuddyBoss App?

With the Bookmarking feature enabled your members will have the option to bookmark favorite blog posts. This will be available on a dedicated core app screen for quick and easy access to their favorite content.

NOTE: This feature currently only supports wordpress posts

Configure the Bookmark Feature

Enable Bookmarks 

Navigate to BuddyBoss App – Settings – Blog Posts. Here, you can enable or disable the Bookmarking function depending on if you want to allow members to bookmark blog posts on your app. Firstly let’s enable the feature, so put a check on the box next to the option then click Save Changes.

Once enabled, you will need to add the Bookmarks core app screen to your app Tab Bar or More Menu so that your members can access their saved posts.

Add Bookmarks and Blog Page in the Tab Bar Menu

To add the Bookmarks core app screen to your app menus. Go to BuddyBoss App – Menus. Under the Core App section, select and add Bookmarks. Don’t forget to click the Add to Menu button. 

User Experience of Bookmarks

If your reader has no bookmarked posts you will see a no posts found message.

Now go to the Blog Posts page on the BuddyBoss App. Next to the blog post, you will see this new Bookmark icon. Click on the bookmark icon on the right to save this post. 

The icon will change from an outlined to filled indicating the post is now bookmarked.

Upon returning to the Bookmark page, you can access and manage all the blog posts you saved. 

If you want to remove a blog post from your saved items, you can just simply click the Bookmark icon again. The post will then be removed.


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