BuddyBoss App

Access Groups

Access Groups will be used to group members together based on specified conditions. After creating access groups, you will be able to set up access rules, which limit certain screens in the app to specific access groups.

As the site admin, you will be able to build access groups around members who meet the following types of conditions:

  • WordPress Role
  • Profile Type
  • Social Groups
  • LearnDash Courses / Groups
  • Membership
    • MemberPress
    • Paid Memberships Pro
    • WishList Member
    • WooCommerce Memberships
    • Restrict Content Pro

To create an Access Group:

  1. Go to BuddyBoss App > Access Controls.
  2. Click the Access Groups button.
  1. Click Add Group.
  1. On the dropdown menu, select the condition type for the group.
    • WordPress Role
    • Profile Type
    • Social Groups
    • LearnDash Courses
    • LearnDash Groups
    • Membership

Note: The selection on the dropdown menu depends on what plugins are activated on your site.

  1. Select the secondary condition, if asked.
  2. Click Save Group.

Once done, you can create access rules and multiple app menus to be used with your access groups.


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