What is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress is a free plugin for WordPress that is used to add social networking features. For newcomers, think of BuddyPress as an out-of-the-box social networking website, complete with an administration area that lets you manage the site. Our themes rely on having a self-hosted version of WordPress with the BuddyPress plugin installed on your own website.

How do I install your themes?

It’s quite easy. Just follow our tutorials.

How do I buy a theme? When will I get it?

Click here to purchase your desired theme. You will be taken to a purchase screen, and from there you will be able to complete your payment. After your payment has been submitted, a download link will be sent to your email address.

Which payment types do you accept? Credit Card? PayPal?

We accept PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

How do I download updates to the theme?

Read our Guide to Updating. At any time you can log into this website and click “My Account” under your profile icon at the top of the page to access updates to your purchases.

Can I test a theme before purchasing it?

Yes! We’ve made it easy to test the theme with our online demos. Select the theme you want and click the “Demo” button.

Do your themes work with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress?

Yes, we keep all of our themes up-to-date and working with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress. Our themes are developed and optimized for WordPress 3.8 or higher, and BuddyPress 2.0 or higher. Any version prior to that may have problems with some theme functionality.

Can I edit colors and fonts in a theme?

Absolutely. Our themes come with admin options to easily change the colors and fonts, and upload your own logo, all without touching a line of code.

Can I change the language of a theme?

Our themes come packaged with language files that can be translated into your desired language.

Which browsers and operating systems do you test your themes on?

We test our themes on Internet Explorer 9+ and the latest versions of FirefoxSafari. and Chrome. Our themes will work on any operating system. Our themes do not support Internet Explorer 8 or below.

How frequently are your themes updated?

We update our themes if we discover bugs or if there is a new feature that we would like to add. We also update our themes to work with new versions of WordPress and BuddyPress. See our release notes →

Will your themes work with my plugins?

Yes, our themes should work with the vast majority of plugins. However we cannot guarantee that they will work with every specific plugin. There are over 35 thousand WordPress plugins and hundreds of BuddyPress plugins, and it would be impossible to test our themes with every possible setup.

Can I use your themes on multiple sites?

Some of our themes require multiple domain licenses, others allow for unlimited domains. Check the purchase page for the specific theme you are interested in.

Can I remove the BuddyBoss link in the footer?

Yes, you can remove the credit link in the footer. However we do appreciate the links 🙂

What are the minimum server requirements?

BuddyBoss should run fine on most server setups. If you run into server issues, make sure your host has the following standard requirements.

  • PHP 5.2.4+
    • php5-gd
    • php5-mbstring
    • php5-mysql
    • php5-exif (recommended)
  • MySQL 5.0+
  • The mod_rewrite Apache module

How does the Wall Component work?

The Wall uses BuddyPress’ built-in Activity posts and cleverly uses them as interactive wall-to-wall posts. The Wall can be toggled on or off by the site administrator – if the Wall is turned off your site will revert to the default setup. If you enable “User Photo Uploading” you can upload images into the Wall as well.

What types of images and videos can users embed in Wall posts?

Standard image types (jpg, png, gif) can be uploaded if you enable “User Photo Uploading”.

Images and videos can also be embedded from the following sites by pasting in the link to the image/video URL:

169 Responses
  1. I am using HeadwayThemes on a Wordpress install. with that I have BuddyPress and S2Member engaged.
    I am not pleased with the BuddyPress signed-in area. The font is microscopic and faint and the CSS too complex to adjust. I looked into making a child theme but this is not for my skill level. I am now considering BuddyBoss and would like to know if this is a theme that will replace the default BuddyPress theme. With everything else that is going on in this site, will it interfere and cause everything to crash and burn?

  2. I have paid for the BuddyBoss upgrade and have my programmer doing some development. I want to import several opt-in member lists to populate the database, but d*mned if I can figure out how to do it! They are in both .csv and .xls formats.

    Can you help out? Thanks, Mike

  3. I want to know if there’s an admin options panel for this theme where I can tweak the style and look more easily? And what’s the estimated load on the server?

  4. hello
    I am interested in starting up a site that allows user to predominantly post pictures ( if you can imagine something like FLIKR+Facebook(with less use of the wall.) Will this buddy press theme enable deactivation/hiding of writing on the wall, and leave the picture posting on wall activated??
    Will users st appear in a widget on the phomepage?

    1. Priye,
      Since Adding a photo is a separate link from posting updates I am confident you can use BuddyBoss in this fashion. You can simply hide the post update form and only keep “Add Photo”.
      You can still have users appear in a widget on the home page if you desire. We can’t do development work for you but I can point you in the right direction and tell you some simple CSS to get the job done. Let me know how it works out for you.

  5. I would love to see a color panel in the theme options. Just a simple way to edit the color of the background, widgets, etc, that would be amazing. = )

    1. Jason,
      I would love to see that too. Perhaps with the release of the most recent IE browser it is more feasible, but unfortunately you are the only one to have requested this feature so far so it’s not likely to happen any time soon. Sorry. 🙁

      1. I would also like to see a color panel in the theme options to make some customized changes. Would be great to have some more customs tweaks for this premium theme 🙂 I’ll check the forum and see what has been discussed.

    2. Just googled how to change background color/image in buddyboss and I thought I’d just like to vote with a comment too. A simple tool that helps us non-programmers make minor css changes would be awesome!

      1. Tony, we are almost complete with a simple integration of this feature. We will roll out a visual aid in a future release of BuddyBoss.

  6. @TJ over the color panel thing, I’d also like to see this very much, it really is a must in all premium themes.

  7. Hi, first, great template.

    I see there may be some kind of drag and drop upload support for the image wall posting:

    Drop files here to upload

    Is there something I need to do to turn this on? How does this work?

    1. Matt,
      It is not drag and drop. It is an AJAX upload link. There are 2 components of BuddyBoss, the wall feature and the picture feature. There’s not much to it.
      -TJ Chester
      BuddyBoss Support Specialist

  8. When messing around on the demo site I notice when I go to my wall I see my updates but I also see the updates of this one guy who I added as a friend. Is that normal? Seems like I would maybe see his updates on the main wall news feed but not on my wall….right?

    1. For the most part you can, there are a couple images you would need to adjust using a photo editing program like photoshop.

  9. What if on profiles we want only the user’s updates [& friend’s targeted posts] to be visible (like in Facebook) instead of universal activity being displayed? I’m asking this because I like the “write in your friend’s wall without using the ‘@’ function in a separate page” function, and I just want to make sure it’s not like an iFrame or anything.

    Is this possible?

    1. Santi,
      I am working on this fix as we speak. This should be released in the next version of BuddyBoss within a couple weeks.

  10. hi! i’ve tested your demo and i’m really impressed! i have one question: is it possible to make the user-profile-pages (or an alternative version) visible to non-logged-in users?


    1. Jochen,
      You can absolutely do this by editing the buddy_boss_wall.php file. There are different mysql statements, 1 for logged in users and 1 for non-logged in users.

    1. Farbod,
      Users can upload images with descriptions. You will need a developer to export data cleanly. Photos are uploaded to folders by member id so its easy to see which photo was uploaded by which user

  11. OK, I’m sold, and putting two non-profits online in the next several weeks, so this is great. I’ve some experience myself with WordPress and BuddyPress so I’m likely going to get 90% ‘finished website’ on my own and hire out for the rest – so my question is, do you guys have a list of people you’d recommend who are comfortable and experienced with BuddyPress for custom work?


    1. Thomas,
      Sorry for the late reply but we recommend Web3 for Business in California. You can call Sara at 408-883-4932.

  12. Hi there, I am currently using the theme on my clients website. I have a question. How do I move the activity menu for it to now be a submenu of the members menu.

    i have read the forums, and please forgive me if this is a silly question.

    Thank You!

    1. Ronald,
      This is not a silly question. But if you are referring to the BuddyBar in the top right corner of the site then this is out of our range of knowledge. The BuddyBar is a complex piece of work and you will need to get some support from BuddyPress forums. If you are talking about the default menu bar you can simply create your own menu using the menu built into WordPress.

  13. Is there any conflict between BuddyBoss and ThemeForest’s Alyeska that you know of?

    Is it possible to have user documents that are only viewable by the admin?

    1. I do not know of any conflicts with ThemeForest’s Alyeska.

      We do not have any integration of such user documents but there are plenty of plugins like BuddyPress Docs you can try.

  14. Hi i tested the demo and its awesome..but i found a flaw in the theme that the Z-index is a big problem for embedding youtube videos.i found it while testing the dropdown list.do you have any fix for that? is it caused by oembed ?how to fix it?

  15. Hi,

    I’m looking into your theme because after updating buddypress my site became super slow even though I’m on a wordpress optimized host called Zippykid.

    Will you theme make buddypress faster?

    1. BuddyBoss will not make your site faster. Try using pingdom tools to check your site speed and then compare to similar sites to determine if your “optimized host” is your issue.

  16. I just installed my buddyboss theme a couple of weeks ago and it was hacked already with malicious software out of Eastern europe How do you protect against this happening?

  17. I’m considering to buy your theme, after trying the demo sometimes.

    Please advise if we can add 1/ additional fields to the profile 2/ make relationship, like family, etc., betw. members.

    Awaiting yours.


  18. I have already created a custom css theme, have bbpress installed with a site forums and have buddy press installed. I like the layout, the walls and the features of buddy boss. Am I able to implement this layout while still maintaining the css theme on my site and how easy it that to do?

    1. Core,
      It shouldn’t be that bad. A couple of quirks like requiring the theme folder to be called “buddyboss” and copying the root files…I don’t think we have any hooks that would effect your headers or footers. My only concern would by jQuery. Buy the theme and try it out, if it is too much of an undertaking then request a refund and I’d be happy to get that processed for you.

  19. Hi!
    Love the potential of this theme. I’m wondering:

    1) How many users/ profiles can this accommodate?
    2) Is it possible for users can create multiple profiles on the same email address (if it not, to alter it so that’s possible)?
    3) Can the details be changed (eg. like the ‘in a relationship’ or ‘single’ status on FB)?

    Thanks heaps!

    1. Al,

      1) There is no limit to the number of users.
      2) BuddyPress limits multiple profiles…you will need to check their support forums if you are able to change this.
      3) We do not currently have any features like that. You could create an xProfile field with options but this would NOT link to users profiles.

  20. great theme! I already bought it, now I’m wondering if there is a way to add more one or two more websites for video embedding. Is it difficult? For example, I want to add the biggest video sharing website in China : youku.com

      1. Never mind~ problem automatically solved when Wordpress update to 3.4~!

        What I meant was adding more compatible video sharing websites to the following list:

        “What types of images and videos can users embed in Wall posts?

        Images and videos can also be embedded from the following sites by pasting in the link to the image/video URL:


        now youku.com and tudou.com ‘s video can be easily embedded too which is exactly what I want~

  21. I have WPMU/buddypress site in place. If I install buddyboss will all my stuff like posts and pictures already posted on my website automatically transfer over?

    1. Blogging is only available in the admin within the capabilities of the theme. But front-end blogging is possible. Get Gravity Forms and it will let you create forms from the front end that are submitted as blog posts. I use that plugin all the time for this purpose.

  22. Hi, I am quite new to wordpress and buddypress. I am interested in your theme bu I was wondering if it is possible to have a field in the user profile where you could show the pictures of the friends, rather than clicking on friends link you could simply see certain number of the friends shown on the user profile page.

  23. Guys,

    The theme is great, liked it very much. Quite interested in getting it. I have a question. Does this theme has .po files?

    Looking forward for your response. Thanks!

    1. Suresh, the crop feature is a root WordPress function. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure you are using the latest version of WordPress and Google Chrome. Sorry.

  24. what is the difference between a group and a topics?

    How is a topic related to a group?

    how can you put silos around different types of content to make it easier for forum members to find what they want

    1. Kathy,
      Groups is a group of topics. You can disable groups and only have topics, or you can use sitewide forums which excludes groups completely.

  25. Hi, I’m wondering if with your theme I can set the home page to be a static page, with a slider at the top? Do you have a child theme I can use with this? Or instructions on how to create a child theme for this? And if I know enough CSS, can I customize my site to look the way I want? Thanks, m

    1. Mari,
      You can set the home page to be static however we do not have an integrated slider. You would need to figure it out or hire a developer to get that going. We have a couple child themes with this theme. We also have some color options for customization on the backend so you don’t need to know CSS unless you want to change sizing of menus and font size, etc.
      Thanks for the questions.

  26. Hi Michael,

    will BuddyBoss work properly with collabpress?
    Is there a way to upload wordpress media into groups and restrict its access to only that group ?

    By the way, really awesome theme !

    1. Sergi,
      We have not tested if BuddyBoss is compatible with collabpress. If you have compatibility issues we will be happy to refund your purchase.
      Unfortunately media upload plugins are no longer compatible with BuddyPress version 1.6 called Group Docs. Sorry.
      Let me know if you have any further questions.

    1. Sitenorth,
      On lines 287-292 of buddy_boss_wall.php you will find an if statement to determine if the current page is YOUR profile. You will need to create a similar statement to determine if it is the profile page and set the $max variable to the number of items you would like on the page.

  27. hi, Im spanish and my english is bad.. but Im have a problem. Link of “Add photo” is ocult I can´t see it.

    Picture gallery is enable.

    My buddyboss is 2.0


  28. Does BuddyBoss work within another theme (e.g. BuddyPress)? Seems like it creates a Facebook-like feature within an existing theme… I’m trying to set up an online school, looking for a programmer who possesses a good design sense (hard to find!). Thanks for your clarification!

    1. Tim,
      BuddyBoss is a theme in itself. You can inject our functions and code into a new theme, but if you do not have much experience with programming you may need to hire a developer to do this for you.

  29. TJ, thanks for clarifying that. I understand you guys have your plates full. Can you recommend a developer with a good design sense that can modify BuddyBoss?

    1. Sam,
      I am not certain, I have never had this question before. And since I do not know any right to left languages I can’t test this. If you purchase the theme and it does not work we will simply refund your purchase. Let us know.

  30. Is it possible to get this to work with MyBB? the forum that is part of the theme is really outdated and is the only thing that would be of a concern to me 🙁 If i know that I can get MyBB to work with this then I’ll for sure get my hands on it 🙂


    1. Jarek,
      Sorry to say there is no compatibility between BuddyPress and MyBB. bbPress is the only integrated forum with BuddyPress.

  31. I would like to retain the current theme that I have set up, along with all of it’s customizations… Is there a way to enable the facebook wall and photos portion of the plugin only, without installing an entire theme override?

  32. Will it allow to post comment to blogs from the wall / activity stream?
    Will it show “like” count and persons who have liked?
    What is the photo/album/picture plug in used in the demo site?

    1. You can’t post to blogs from the activity stream, however, when you comment on the blog it should show in the activity stream.
      It will show like count but not who liked it.
      We integrated this feature into our theme, it is not a plugin.
      Thanks for your questions, feel free to ask more in our support forums at https://www.buddyboss.com/forum

  33. Guys how are you,
    I purshared the buddyboss theme a while ago…mainly to create a website for Tennis Team Management. One of the things that I’m trying to accomplish is changing the name “Groups” for the name “Teams”. I have been able to do that in many places, but there are a few places that I just can’t find it. Such as the quicklinks at my profile page. The ones to the left where Wall, Profile, Messages, Friends, Groups, Forums, Photos and Settings are located. I would love to change the word “Groups” for “Teams” and perhaps add a few others quick links.

  34. TJ how are you,

    Hey! One quick question…any plans to make a phone app for buddyboss? If not, do you know what kind of tool I can use to make a phone app.


  35. Hi Buddybosses,

    Any plans on making a plugin that will take the core design features of the buddyboss theme and allow them to be plugged into a third party theme?

    The market is really missing a solution to easily make buddypress look and function better.

    Our site’s in the final stages of design but I’m wishing I had the looks of the buddypress features of your theme. Nothing against the buddyboss theme per se but we needed a solid magazine layout.

    Is this also something you’d consider as a freelance job?

    Many thanks,


    1. Actually yes, I am planning on converting the BuddyBoss core functions into a plugin this year. When that happens I’ll release an updated version of the theme that comes with the plugin packaged together, and new users will be able to purchase the plugin separately if that’s all they want.

  36. I’ve been looking for something like this, and I stumbled pon it only after joining a WP LinkedIn group. So I’ve got questions… Is BuddyBoss responsive?

    Is it possible to have a home page that is more news/mag theme style with the BuddyBoss working underneath it all? I want people to blog and post, etc about a very specific topic, but I’d like to use the home page for my own content with a news/mag look & feel to it, as well as to feature content people have posted, such as editor’s pick’s, top voted, and trending (most improved views).

    1. BuddyBoss is not yet responsive. The next release – BuddyBoss 3.0 – will be responsive.

      For the home page, you would have to create your own home page template for that. Not out of the box.

  37. Inline questions and thoughts

    Can you please work in the use of http://imgur.com/ and especially work in the use of emedded or linked galleries too? It would be really nice to be able to see galleries inline. It would also be nice to see youtube playlists inline as well.

  38. Another question…

    I notice that there is only one wall here. Is there a way to see a wall of just your own posts and then tab to the mainstream wall that shows your posts and other peoples posts mixed together? Facebook has those two distinct walls and that would be nice to see. An alternative to that would be have the stream of your own posts be in one column and then everyone elses posts mixed together in a second column. It would also be nice to make a third column that is a stream of all your favorite “pages” streams mixed together. Facebook doesn’t make a third stream of other peoples posts and instead mixes them with the friend posts which makes it ugly and distracting. It would be nice to have these three distinct settings.

    1. In a future version we are planning on making it two “walls” like Facebook. The first tab will be the “Wall” which will just be posts you make, posts people put on your wall, and @mentions (a Twitter-like function built into BuddyPress). The next tab will be “News Feed” which will show all of the content posted by your friends and from the groups you have joined. There won’t be a pages stream since BuddyPress has no concept of pages.

  39. My final question:

    I notice I can make variables to search by for the friends. Can you do that with groups as well? I want to be able to search groups by different set tags. For instance I want to be able to have groups for video games but then I would like to also refine that search more by saying first person shooters, mmos, etc. Maybe search by platform. I basically want to know if I can do the same search options with groups as I can with friends.

  40. By “pages” I mean groups and other page like things. On facebook pages and groups and clubs and other items like that are so similar that they are all pretty much the same. I should have been more specific and just said “groups”

  41. Is there a way that the site owner or Admin can ban people from using the site or better yet ban people by their IP address or IP address range like 167.124.145.* ?

    This would help stop site spammers; people who refuse to behave and people who just keep coming back through proxy services to cause more trouble.

    Just deleting a user is kind of useless.

    They’ll just create a new account in minutes and be Right Back !

    I’ve looked and I just don’t see a way to see the IP address of someone who has just spammed my site wall or posted a perverted photo so I can ban him/her off.

    How can this be handled ?

  42. Is it possible to build custom version on top of BuddyBoss?
    What is the licensing policy regarding this?

    1. Once you buy it, you are free to edit it as much as you want. Also BuddyBoss comes packaged with a child theme which you can use to edit the design of your site.

      If you’re asking if you can customize BuddyBoss and resell that as a product, then the answer is no. But you can use it for development on client’s sites.

      1. Thank you Michael.

        In a previous answer, you said you planned to release the core features of BuddyBoss as a plugin, separated from the core Theme.

        Is this still planned, any idea of when will it be released?

        1. Yes this is still planned. After BuddyBoss 3.0 is released (August 15th) we will begin development on the plugin migration. It will probably take a while – a month or more.

  43. I’m interested in the BuddyBoss theme for a situation where I want all content to be private. Is this possible with BuddyBoss?

  44. Two questions and I think you have a buyer ..
    1) bbPress/BuddyPress has a couple of plug-ins that are essential to, well, any forum software but I’d love to know the compatibility if at all possible and whether or not they destroy the Responsive layout
    — GD bbPress Tools (Quote and Signature)
    — bbPress Enable TinyMCE Visual Tab

    Those are just vital to the lifeblood of my community.


    1. Hey Nate,

      I haven’t yet tested it with those two specific plugins, but I will and I’ll comment about it here. If there is a problem with either one we’ll put out a patch to fix it, and we also offer a 60 day money back guarantee – no questions asked.


    2. Official answers:

      1. Tested GD bbPress Tools. Works just fine.
      2. Tested bbPress Enable TinyMCE. It works just fine, except on mobile. I can’t think of a real solution to this since the TinyMCE editor is just not responsive for mobile. But you would get that problem using this plugin with any theme while on a phone – not specific to BuddyBoss…

  45. Hi Michael, I have a suggestion. Why do not you integrate pagamentro alert by PagSeguro of Brazil, used 90% of the population.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s too specific to be worth adding. This is the first time anyone has requested it in several years of selling BuddyBoss. I think PayPal + credit card covers most people’s needs.

  46. One more question! I am going to heavily rely upon the top horizontal nav login/register links. My question: I currently have a “Login/Register with Facebook” link within my login header … is there a place to put this up there via widget, etc, or do I have to hard code it into a header file somewhere?


    1. You would have to hard code it. Some of the Facebook login plugin automatically add the login to the register page, but for the main site header you would need to hard code it, or if it outputs it automatically you may just need to position it there via CSS. Depends on the plugin.

  47. hello, is there a plugin which i can use for free PC to PC calling just like calling someone’s PC and we talk for instance: yahoomessenger or skype?


  48. hello micheal i didnot understand your reply to my question above.{ is there a plugin which can be used to calling like phone, eg, PC to PC calling? just like skype or yahoomessenger? }


  49. Wondering if BuddyBoss will be one of the very few Themes that have Woocommerce, Buddypress and WPML

    It seems that the WPML.org plugin is the only missing piece. Once that is in place many will flock over to Buddy Boss. Do you plan on adding WPML compatibility?


    1. We’re not officially certified by WPML (yet) but their plugin should work with the theme. We follow WordPress API guidelines and package proper language files, so the WPML plugin should work. The certification just means they have tested the theme with their plugin and officially approve it.

      1. That is SUPER COOL!!! I am very happy that it is in the works. I love your theme and would hate to have to do that grueling search again. I searched for weeks and very few themes did Woocommerce, Buddypress, and Responsive. The other ones looked ugly.. LOL

        I visited WPML site today and they have a page dedicated to “approved” themes. I know you will be in the list soon. You are a very good developer and I feel very confident building my business around BuddyBoss.

  50. hello,
    is it possible to use buddyboss as platform where artist can upload their work ( only jpg) and sell it ?

    i want buyers and artist to register and be able to send each other private msg

    i want the website to look like http://saatchiart.com/

    1. Hi Ayegnon,

      Yes, this is possible. Using the Photos component, artists can upload images. But it allows for all major formats (jpg, png, gif, etc.). You’d have to edit some code to limit it to just jpg files. But to SELL content, you’ll need some third party plugin(s). BuddyBoss does not include any tools for selling things.

      Buyers and artists could register and send each other private messages out of the box.

      BuddyBoss actually looks fairly similar to that website. You get pretty close using out admin color options: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/customize/. To get it really similar you may have to do some custom edits in a child theme.

  51. Hi- have two questions for you:
    1) How much can the theme be customized?
    2) Can BuddyPress be customized so that users from one school course cannot network with users from another? Or network only in their age group?

    I have a school, and want to make sure younger students can network w their peers, but are safe from older students and adults. Likewise, I’d like adult students to be free to network with adult students, with younger students not having access to adult students.


    Is there a developer out there who can make this happen for our school?

    1. 1) It can be customized as much as you want. Out of the box, you can customize pretty much all of the colors using the admin options without editing code.

      See: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/customize/

      You can edit CSS and theme files in a child theme to do whatever you want if you’re editing code:
      See: https://www.buddyboss.com/tutorials/editing-css/

      2) Possibly, but not out of the box. You would need to set up a plugin to handle different membership types and set permissions to those members. It’s not super simple but is probably doable.

      See: http://wordpress.org/plugins/membership/

      We do custom development if you’re interested. Fill out our contact form and I can put our lead developer in touch with you. https://www.buddyboss.com/custom-work/

  52. Hi Michael,

    First off I think you guys are awesome.

    I have no clue about what I am doing, just diving in and figuring out as I go.

    I am not an IT/developer type, dont know html, css, php, shortcode, whatever… and am unclear as to what buddyboss controls, what buddypress controls and what wordpress controls…

    I am creating a totally private, paid membership site. I am wondering if it is possible for members to be able to access their own wall from a menu item, like up in teh same line with members, activity, register, etc.

    Currently you have to go into that bar in upper right corner with the number of notifications waiting, the member name and then their avatar – then click on wall in that drop down box to be able to see the wall –

    Is it possible to make this super easy to get to (many of our members are not at all pc savvy and I mean not at all…) so they dont have to hunt for it… kinda want to be able to have a menu item that says “my wall” or something similar.

    If that is possible, and within the buddyboss realm, part 2 of that would be, could that easily be made into the page they are directed to once they log in?

    Many thanks for all your hard work!

    1. Hi Clara,

      Sorry for the slow response here – I’ve been very busy over the past week.

      This is actually very easy to do if you are using BuddyPress 1.9+ (you are most likely). BuddyPress allows for dynamic menu links now, meaning they are specific to a logged in user’s content.

      Go to Appearance > Menus. Then open the section called “BuddyPress”. Select the “Activity” page under the logged-in options and add it to your menu. Then rename it in your menu to “Wall”. Now, whenever a user is logged in he/she can click that link to go directly to their Wall.

      To get them to go to that page upon login, you will need to use a redirect on login plugin. This would be the one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-login-redirect/


  53. What is the album and photo plugin buddyboss is using?
    At present it seems all the free and paid photo plugins (that let users to have their album too) is not working at all or not working nicely with WordPress 3.9 Beta 3 +BuddyPress 2.0 Beta 1 is now available.

    Two more important things :
    1. Let users “like” a content both in the content (eg a blog post) and also from the activity stream and show the number of likes and who liked. Buddyboss demo sort of shows this but what plugin? It also does not let this to be done from the post itself.

    2. Privacy plugin Privacy is very primtive – friends cannot be grouped into different sections and blog posts itself have no privacy dropdown.

    A buddyboss demo site with WordPress 3.9 Beta 3 +BuddyPress 2.0 Beta 1 is needed,
    Last but not the least, it will be nice if you include G+ link/buttons on your site (net is not equal to facebook)
    Also note that the presales link is not opening to any page but this site itself.


    1. Rohn,
      We are using our own custom photo integration. We utilize PHP EXIF for upload and is required to be installed on the server before photo upload will work properly.

      1) This is currently in the works. We are piggy backing off of the Buddypress favorite function and created our own who liked this code.

      2) Since there is a plugin for privacy and we have integrated with it, this is on the back burner for us. We know there is a great demand for it but we have other priorities at the moment.

      We are working on our theme to be compatible with BuddyPress 2.0 Beta. Look for it within the next month.

  54. Can the demo be made for multisite – latest WP beta and BP2 ?
    Such a demo will let have each user his or her own blog and th ethematic integration can be better understood or visualized.

    1. Hi Sandi,

      Thanks for your suggestions. I am keeping the demo with single site, as most customers use it that way. Multisite adds a lot of opportunity for spammers to create blogs on our demo, as we keep it with open registration so everyone can play around.

      As for using WP/BP betas in the demo, I prefer to keep it using the currently released versions. They betas may have bugs, and it’s also not a realistic demo for most people as those products are not yet released… I want the demo to be accurate as a typical default setup.

  55. Hi Michael : Thanks.
    In multisite demo you can keep a blog in read-only mode or empty db contents regularly so that no spam content stays there – most demos work that way, “Most customers use it that way” – may not be true as many are driven away by not finding multisite demo, as BP is basically meant to be a multiste(multiblog) stuff.

    The betas are close to final release – 16th april. Setting up two demos – one for stable, one for beta (which is almost final) is a matter of few seconds. Since none of the existing photo/album plugin is working nicely with WP 3.9 and BP 2 folks will like to know if you have any solution for this inbuilt with the theme.

    1. Hi Sandi,

      Thanks again for the feedback. Ideally I’d like to update the demo to empty db content regularly as you’ve suggested. But for now, development of the product itself is taking first priority.

      You may be correct that some users want to see it in multisite, and with BP 2.0. I can confirm that BuddyBoss photos work with BP 2.0, as I am testing everything locally with BP 2.0. If you want to purchase and test for yourself, we offer 60 day money back refund, no questions asked.

  56. Hi,

    I have some questions about BuddyBoss functions.

    1- When i buy BuddyBoss, for how long can I download updates ? Until version 4.0 is out ?

    2- On the many themes I tried, I couldn’t (easily) configure activities, members pages… The “widget” tab on the wp-admin always modifies the homepage, but barely changes anything on other pages. In BuddyBoss, there seems to be various widgets for configuring the homepage AND the other pages separatly. Will it be possible to present some widgets on the homepage and to propose different widgets on the activity/members pages ?

    3- About mobile display : is there a specific configuration to be done ? Or does the mobile display directly adapt from the normal site ?

    4- Is it possible to easily add a “add a link” button (just as the “add a photo” button) near the wall of someone ? Or is it possible to embed an url directly in a wall post ?

    5- I really like the wall posting BuddyBoss propose. But when i post something on someone’s wall, is it possible to choose who can see this post ? Anyone, Our friends, just the person,… Or should I use a plugin (BuddyPress Activity Privacy for example) ? And is it compatible with BuddyBoss ?

    6- Is it possible to integrate a chat plugin in BuddyBoss ? And do you know a workng one ?

    I hope I was clear, but I’m not so sure !
    Thanks for your answers,


    1. Julien,

      1) We allow current customer perpetual updates. You get free updates for life!

      2) We separate widgets for each BuddyPress component and a different one for the home page. For example we have separate widgets for the home page (left and right side), Members Directory, Members Profile, Group Directory, Single Group page, Activity Directory, Forums, 5 separate foot widgets, and one to cover everything else including basic pages, archives, etc.

      3) Mobile is automatically adapted from the desktop version.

      4) BuddyPress utilizes a plugin called oEmbed that will automatically embed certain website data. There is also a plugin called BuddyPress Activity Plus that may help with this, or you can install the full oembed plugin.

      5) BuddyPress Activity Privacy will be needed for privacy, we have integrated functionality for posts and working on the same functionality for photos.

      6) Several users are using chat plugins including comet chat and arrow chat. I am currently working on fixing WMPU DEV WordPress chat. There are many others you can try as well. There are some I know our customers are using.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.

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