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Cloud App Publishing™

Your 100% white-label app, published from your own Apple & Google developer accounts, through our fully managed publishing service. Easy!

Barum Jeffries

Reclearn Recruitment Training

Thanks. Just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the Done for You service so far! 🙂

Nathan Walker

Religion & Public Life

This is absolutely impressive. Congratulations on streamlining the process while making these customized products. I’m incredibly grateful to you all for all your hard work and expertise!

Stefan James

Project Life Mastery

I looked at Kajabi and Thinkific and Teachable and a variety of others, but they didn’t accomplish what I was looking for, they didn’t allow the customization and the experience standard that I wanted for my customers to be able to experience when they invest in my programs.

Anna Sharp

Hey College

I filled out two questionnaires and super quickly, they delivered this beautiful app to me. It’s just so sleek, I can’t stop looking at it. So based on my experience, I would not hesitate to recommend the Done For You service. I know if my audience is impressed, your community will be, too.

The #1 App Publishing Service For
Courses, Memberships & Communities On WordPress

The Power Of Cloud App Publishing™

How the Buddyboss Cloud Publishing Services makes it easier, faster & more affordable
than ever for you to publish your own native app on iOS & Android

1-Click Build Uploading

Upload your app build in one click straight to Apple & Google through our cloud servers, without needing a Mac computer or any dedicated hardware!

Faster App Approval

We manually review your app first to recommend any revisions needed to meet Apple and Google’s strict guidelines, helping you get your app approved faster.

Managed App Store Revisions

We manage all communication from the app stores for you, recommending any revisions they require, helping you get your app approved easier.

1-Click Update Publishing

Most BuddyBoss App updates don’t require your users to update at all! But when they do, you can push those updates in one click using the same familiar process as publishing, making app updates easier and faster than ever before.

Support for Unlisted App Distribution

Publish a private app in the Apple app store that can’t be found by search or discovered by browsing. Perfect for private memberships or internal apps that you don’t want to be discoverable by the general public.

Support for Enterprise App Distribution

Publish a private app in the Apple app store that can’t be found by search or discovered by browsing. Perfect for private memberships or internal apps that you don’t want to be discoverable by the general public.

How BuddyBoss Cloud App
Publishing™ Works

Our Cloud Publishing Service dramatically improves the process of
publishing your own native app.


Generate Using Our Cloud Servers

When your customizations are ready, our cloud servers generate your app build and deliver the files straight back to you. No need for any special developer software or dedicated computer hardware!


Try Out Your App Instantly

Before submitting for publishing, you can install your app on any iOS or Android device to instantly experience how your customizations will look and feel in the hands of your users, with any changes displayed immediately in your app!


Submit Your App To Us For Review

Having finalized your app customizations, a dedicated member of our publishing team is assigned to manually review your app and guide you through any recommended revisions needed to meet the app store’s strict guidelines.


We Submit Your App For Publishing

After passing our internal review, we submit your build to the app stores for you. It is then reviewed again by Apple or Google who will verify it meets their requirements.

Your App is Published

Your approved app is published and immediately available for download or held until a specific date in the future, to give you time to roll out that big marketing campaign!

We Manage Revisions

If your app requires any further revisions, we manage all communication with the app store review team for you, recommending any final adjustments you might need to make.

Instant or 1-Click Updates

Most updates are live instantly for your users when saved in your dashboard. Any security updates or new features that require a core update are pushed to your users’ devices in 1-click from your dashboard.


You are not required to
use this service

You are not required to use the BuddyBoss Cloud App Publishing™ service but we highly recommend you do. We created this service so we can help you have a smooth publishing experience and we want you to take advantage of it.

However, if you are an experienced app developer and do not wish to use the service, you are not required to do so.

Service at a glance.

  • 1-Click App Build Creation for iOS and Android devices through our cloud servers.
  • 1-Click Build Uploading straight to Apple & Google through our cloud servers.
  • Instant or 1-Click Updates to your app from your dashboard.
  • Published in your own Apple App Store and Google Play Store developer accounts.
  • Publish on your own, if you prefer not to use our service, although we highly recommend you use it.
  • We handle the communication with App Store review teams for you should they need clarifications or adjustments to your app.
  • Unlisted App Distribution is also supported, which is perfect for private memberships or internal apps.


Inside BuddyBoss App Cloud Publishing™

Take a look inside our app publishing process as our team walks you through the final stages of readying your app for the world.


Explore more add-ons.

Explore other ways we’re making your experience easier!

Dedicated App Onboarding

Everything you need to prepare your mobile app for publishing including EasyApp™ Training Series, Video Library, Checklists and live Q&A’s.

App Developer

Everything you need to modify and extend the BuddyBoss App with your own custom features.

Dedicated Web
On-boardingComing Soon

Everything you need to launch your website including Training Series, Video Library, Checklists, and live Q&A.


Our customers love the BuddyBoss

It’s powerful. It’s versatile. It’s unlimited.

Cat Topham

Co-founder,  Tech Manager

Jenna Northwood


Anna Sharp

Founder & CEO

Discover Easiest Way To Publish
Your WordPress Course & Community App
for iOS & Android.

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