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Why work for BuddyBoss? You will get the chance to build amazing products for an enthusiastic customer base. You will get consistent work, doing the things you already love to do. And you will get mentorship and guidance to help grow your career.

Jobs Available

Our staff primarily consists of contract-based remote workers, which means you need to be a reliable go-getter. Do great work on time, and we’ll treat you well.

Technical Writer

We are looking for writers who know WordPress and BuddyPress in and out, and who can create great documentation for our products, as well as tutorials.

Web Project Manager

If you have good technical knowledge of BuddyPress and WordPress and have previously successfully managed web development projects, you are welcome to apply for this position.
Great communication skills are key. You will be working with a distributed team across three continents as well as clients all over the world.

Online Marketing Specialist

We are looking for online marketers who can help better promote our brand and our products.

Do you know the WordPress ecosystem well ? Are you familiar with BuddyPress and what it can do ? Do our products peek your interest ? Are you an awesome marketer ? If yes, then, we encourage you to apply for this position.

Mobile App Developer (Ionic Framework)

Are you talented at Mobile App Development ? Have you developed apps using the Ionic Framework ? Have you previously worked with Cordova ? Jenkins ? and or other similar tools ?If yes, we encourage you to apply for this position.

Support Specialist

Do you know BuddyPress and WordPress in and out ? Do you enjoy helping others with technical issues ? Do you have great written communication skills ? If yes, we encourage you to apply for this position.

Sales Rep.

Do you have experience with sales ? Do you have great written communication skills ? Do you have a good understanding of BuddyPress and WordPress ? The you have the capacity to quickly learn the ins and outs of our products allowing you to provide advice to our potential customers ?  If yes, you are welcome to apply for this position.

Theme Designer/Developer

Our BuddyPress themes are like no other. They are mobile to the point of feeling like a native app, and we’re just getting started. We plan on rolling out more beautiful themes that help people build amazing communities with BuddyPress. Are you an incredibly talented theme developer? Design, code, polish?

Plugin Developer

We love to push the boundaries of what WordPress and BuddyPress can do, and we’re constantly building new plugins. If you’re an experienced plugin developer with code to show off, apply now! BuddyPress experience is a huge plus.


We are looking for great writers. People who know how to craft an interesting story. You’ll be writing blog posts, marketing material, and participating in forums and social media. There is always a need for good writing.



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