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Why we do what we do.

Technology should enhance the way we connect and impact our communities, not stand in the way! It should unlock possibilities for us and spark our imaginations, allowing us to achieve things that would have never been possible and help us do what we do best.

That’s why at BuddyBoss we’re on a mission to make it easier, faster and more affordable than ever to build and launch world-class Online Community, Course or Membership Sites and give our users the freedom to succeed and grow without limits!

Our Mission at BuddyBoss is built around four pillars; Ease, Freedom, Ownership & Flexibility. You can read more about our beliefs and why they are so important to us here.


The principles that guide us.

At BuddyBoss we believe that “the way” is just as important as “the work”. Our values as
a company and as people influence every decision we make; from how we hire through
to how we choose which features to build into our products.

We Focus On
The User

The voice of our users is at the core of every conversation and decision we make – we’ve even hired five of our own successful customers in key roles to ensure we’re not just saying it!

We Iterate To

We acknowledge our mistakes and learn from them as we move closer to where we want to go.

Our Diversity
Makes Us Stronger

The diverse culture, beliefs, philosophies, abilities, and lived experiences of our team help us grow as people and build products that enrich the lives of everyone.

Our Team Is

Our team is our second family; we care about each other, do anything we can for each other – and even hang out with each other outside of work every chance we get!

We Lead With

We try to lead with our hearts as much as our heads. making the right decision over the easy decision, saying “no” if saying “yes” would mean compromising on what we believe in.

We Have Fun In
The Process

Great work comes from having fun, not in spite of it. The only thing the grind is good for is coffee!


The people behind BuddyBoss.

We are a team of individuals from all corners of the World, with diverse cultures, ethnicities, and
religions coming together to form one big family that draws its power from our shared work
ethic, passion for technology & progress, and desire to create great things, create success
for our customers, users and our company.

BuddyBoss In Numbers



















Our Leadership Team

Graham HoffmanManaging Director

Graham’s profound understanding of our customers’ needs fuels his unwavering dedication to delivering optimal solutions. With a customer-centric approach at the heart of his leadership, he ensures continuous improvement to meet and surpass customer satisfaction.

Michael Young Product Designer & Strategist

Mike is a visionary product designer and strategist who brings innovation and user-centricity to our product development. With an acute understanding of market trends and a knack for creating captivating experiences, he crafts products that resonate with our customers.

Sourabh MatoliaTechnical Product Manager

Sourabh plays a pivotal role as our Technical Product Manager, bridging the gap between technology and product development. He is responsible for guiding the product architects to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.

Marcus Pridmore Director of Client Services

Marcus spearheads our efforts to deliver outstanding service and maintain strong relationships with our clients. His interpersonal skills and strategic mindset help us to ensure that our clients receive the highest level of attention and value throughout their journey.

Alyssa Rae SuribaDirector of Marketing Operations

Alyssa orchestrates our overall marketing initiatives with precision and efficiency. With a knack for optimizing processes, she ensures that our day-to-day marketing operations are running smoothly and contributing to the company’s overall growth.

Jason Broderick Director of Content and Marketing Strategy

Jason manages our content and marketing strategy with great vision. His storytelling abilities and market insights help us create compelling content that educates, inspires, and establishes our brand as a trusted resource.

Edilene CabanayanCustomer Support Manager

Edilene leads a team committed to providing exceptional service and resolving customer inquiries. With the right blend of management and problem-solving skills, Edilene ensures that each one of our customers receives the support they need.

Thomas JutlaCustomer Success Manager

Thomas is dedicated to ensuring our customers achieve their desired outcomes and maximize the value of our products. His team guides our customers throughout their journey with  sufficient resources and guides them to achieve success and realize their goals.

Md Mehedi HasanTechnical Support Manager

Mehedi leads a team of experts in resolving technical issues and providing timely assistance to our customers. With a deep understanding of our products and problem-solving skills, Mehedi ensures the effective resolution of technical issues that our customers face.

Agnes Cardo HR Manager

Agnes oversees all aspects of human resources to create a positive work environment and support the growth of our team. She excels in talent acquisition, employee development, and building a strong company culture.

Sherry Jane CagaraAccounting Manager

Sherry ensures the financial integrity of our company. With her meticulous attention to detail and in-depth knowledge of financial processes, she manages our financial operations and provides accurate insights that enable informed decision-making.

Executive Team

Tom Cheddadi Co-founder & CEO

Tom brings his entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership to guide the company’s overall direction and strategy. With his passion for innovation and ability to inspire others, Tom drives the company towards its mission.

Michael Eisenwasser Co-founder & CTO

Michael combines his technical expertise with a strategic mindset to shape our technology roadmap and drive innovation. His focus on technological excellence and a commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, plays a crucial role in our company’s growth and success.

Shelby Fernandes Chief Operating Officer

Shelby oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and ensures seamless execution across departments. With his strong organizational skills and a results-oriented approach, he optimizes our internal processes to drive efficiency and deliver exceptional outcomes.


This is the way.

BuddyBoss is built on Freedom and Flexibility; both in the product and the people!

To make an impact in the world, you need to bring together a cross-section of the most talented, caring, experienced, empathetic, and eager people all dedicated to a common purpose. That’s why, since the very beginning, our hiring strategy has had no boundaries. We look anywhere and everywhere to find just the right fit; prioritizing attitude over abilities, tenacity over time-zone.

A big benefit of business without borders is that it has created a diverse working culture where we can all learn from the big benefit of business without borders is that it has created a diverse working culture where we can all learn from the lived experiences of each other, helping us to grow as people and so build products, services and create experiences that enrich the lives of everyone, not just people who look and think like us.

Many of our key team members to this day came from unlikely sources, challenging our expectations and perceptions of what we thought we were looking for. One of our favorites is from our own user community and customer base, where we’ve recently hired several key team members, including three directly into leadership positions, ensuring that the voice of the customer is the voice of the leadership team.

We try to allow our team to work from wherever they want, whenever they want. From our support staff choosing shifts that suit them right up to our leadership team who all work whatever hours they need to, around family life or other commitments. This has also meant that, while the movement has been so restricted over the past couple of years with many losing their jobs or being forced out of work – our team has all had unwavering job security and the freedom & flexibility to work from wherever and whenever they needed to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Over the last couple of years – our team has in fact more than doubled in size!

Since we spend so much time with our coworkers during our lifetime, we treat our coworkers like family. We care for each other, we are there for one another, and we’re always super excited to meet and hang out with each other.

We used to enjoy taking the whole team on trips when there were just 25 of us! Nowadays we really enjoy getting together in smaller groups throughout the year and in various parts of the world.


Why work with us.

At BuddyBoss we go to great lengths to find and secure the best talent in the world. If
you’re exploring a career move or want to get more out of your job than just the work,
here are some of the great reasons to join us at BuddyBoss.

Competitive Salary

To find and keep the best talent we offer competitive salaries to ensure our staff at all levels are well compensated well no matter where in the world they live.

Flexible Work

Where possible we allow our team to work from wherever they want, whenever they want. From our support staff choosing shifts that suit them, our developers who are almost fully remote, right up to our leadership team who can all work from home, whatever hours they need to, around family life or other commitments.

Career Progression

Our number 1 source for new hires into skilled positions at BuddyBoss is from within our existing teams. Whether it’s customer support agents joining our QA team, technical support agents joining our product developers or developers moving to leadership positions, we love nothing more than supporting our team members to rise up through the ranks, gaining new skills and responsibility as they go.

Country Specific
Employee Benefits

With several global offices and entities we can offer what’s best for our staff depending on what country they are in. We are sensitive to the individual needs of our staff locally and are always looking for ways to improve our structure to best benefit our employees.

Bleeding Edge
Technology Challenges

At BuddyBoss we’re focused on solving customer challenges by creating innovative technology and systems that have never been seen before. We are forever facing brand new technical challenges and researching new ways of achieving things that no other company is doing. Our staff are never bored, with every week bringing something new and exciting.

Global & Highly
Diverse Company

A diverse working culture where we can all learn from the lived experiences of each other, helping us to grow as people and to build products, services and create experiences that enrich the lives of everyone.

Learning &

Employees of every department are given opportunities to learn new skills, and grow within the company.

Worldwide Team

We regularly organize team get-togethers in various parts of the world, giving us the opportunity to get to know each other on a more personal level, and to create an opportunity for our teams to bond like a true family, outside of work.

Great ideas come
from anywhere

We know that our globally distributed teams are crucial to diverse perspectives—yielding innovation when everyone is encouraged to contribute


How we do what we do.

Check out the videos below to get a look inside BuddyBoss, what each team works on
and what it’s like to be a member of our family.


Come Join Us.

Take a look at our open positions below to find something that excites you.

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