Our engineers, designers, and support staff work as an integral part of your team.


If you have a need for specialized staff but have no time to find and hire the right staff for your project, we can help!

You can have our WordPress engineers, designers, mobile app developers, and other specialized talents work as an integral part of your team.

This model also allows you to have the flexibility to increase or reduce your team size without having to commit to having full-time employees.

Choose from a variety of specialized talents and empower your team to move faster and achieve bigger goals!

Talents can be hired on a full-time or part-time basis.

WordPress Engineers

Our developers are expert WordPress developers. All are highly experienced developers. We have a rigorous process in place for accepting new developers into the team, and many don’t make it through their trial period. Many of our developers have contributed to the WordPress core.

Mobile Application Developers

Our mobile application developers are experts in React Native and know the ins and outs of the AppBoss solution. Our developers can help build your AppBoss-based and custom mobile application solution.

Quality Assurance Testers

Discussion forums are a great way to keep your employees and community engaged, encourage collaboration, and improve communication. We create and maintain WordPress-powered discussion boards/forums for your organization.

Graphic Designers

Our experienced graphic designers can help with UI and UX design, banner design, social media graphics design, brand identity & logo design, print design, packaging design, and more.

Multimedia Artists

Our multimedia artists are all-round digital artists with expertise in video editing, animation design, photo editing, interface design, and graphic design.

Customer Support Representative

Our experienced customer support representatives learn about your product or service and provide on-going customer support to your customers. We can put together a team of CSRs with a shifting schedule and 24/7 coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the BuddyBoss team is distributed, how do we manage timezone overlap with our team?

Our teams are managed in a way that allows for a minimum of 4 hours of overlap with our clients, wherever they are.

Can we interview them before they join our team?

Absolutely. We start by assessing your needs, and then we select team members that are the best fit for your project. Once we do that, you can interview them to ensure that they’re the perfect fit before they’re assigned to your project.

What if we don’t like the person hired?

This can happen. The good thing is that it’s an easy problem to solve. Our team will work with you to assess what went wrong and help select a new member for your team.

Do you have an idea, a new project or an existing project you want to talk to us about?

We’d love to help! Get in touch now and speak to a BuddyBoss consultant.

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