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billion mobile learning

Premium iOS and Android apps done for you for less than the cost of a website.

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Inspire your students everywhere they go.

1000’s of education experts use the BuddyBoss APP.

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Every student has their own way
of learning.


Enhance students’ performance with a private community, interactive lessons & assignments.


Increase course completion rates with
microlearning and gamification inside a
premium mobile learning app.


Boost the classroom experience
with instant messaging and push
notifications between
teachers and classmates

“Microlearning is built on cognitive science”

Stephen Baer Contributor at Forbes

“Course completion increased to 85% on HBX – when social learning was introduced.”

Stephen Baer Contributor at Forbes

Bridge the education technology gap. Empower every kind of student.



3rd most popular category in the Apple App Store



2nd most popular category Google Play Store



Mobile learning usage grew over 200% in 2020



Mobile learning market projection grew from $22.4 b to $80.1 billion



3rd top use for a mobile device

Teach. Innovate. Inspire.

Anytime, anywhere.

No Connection?
No problem.

Course material available even without an Internet connection with downloadable lessons.

Jump across

Activity synchronizes in real-time between students’ devices.

Security built in.

Secure account access and world-class data & privacy protection.

“4 out of 5 of students prefer learning
on a mobile device”

Features that flex imagination.

Spark student engagement with new ways to learn.


Give your students the information they need at a glance.

  • Student profile
  • Enrolled courses
  • Course progression
  • Jump to next lesson
  • Groups and forums
  • Upcoming classes, events & schedules
  • Points, rewards and badges
  • Activity feeds


Bring students
together with your
private social network.

  • Profiles
  • Followers
  • Direct messages
  • Comments, likes & mentions
  • Posts
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Activity feeds
  • Notifications
  • Public groups
  • Private groups
  • Member directory


Students learn together in the same room or in different countries.

  • Groups
  • Chats
  • Forums


Make learning fun with a gamified learning experience.

  • Challenges
  • Points
  • Rewards
  • Levels
  • Badges
  • Leader boards


Create self-paced classrooms with short bite-sized lessons.

  • Video
  • Text
  • Audio
  • Downloads
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • H5P & HTML5


Release lessons over time, manually or by prerequisite.

  • Time delay
  • Evergreen lessons
  • Expiring lessons
  • Cohorts
  • Private or hidden lessons
  • Prerequisite lessons


Know how every student is doing at a glance.

  • Multiple question types Single choice
    Multiple choice
    Free text
  • Manual limitationsLimit attempts
    Block progression
    Time limits
  • Multimedia supported Q & A Audio
  • Display settingsShow all
    One at a time
    Several on a page
    Allow skip


Award official certificates from your school to your students.

  • Certificate builder
  • Verified certificates
  • Certification renewals
  • Verified badges
  • Certified members directory
  • Dynamic data generation Includes students names, grades, expiration dates, and more.


Translate your app into any language.

  • Upload your own language files and translate your app into any languages, including support for RTL languages.


Send personalized and targeted notifications to students’ devices.

  • Friend requests, comments and messages
  • New lessons, updates and features
  • Promotions and offers


BuddyBoss for Education.

The world’s most popular elearning platform for WordPress.


BuddyBoss uses WordPress.

The BuddyBoss App uses the WordPress CMS and ecosystem however, you do not need a website to launch your mobile app.

All you need is a WordPress installation and the BuddyBoss Platform plugin to build and manage your app.


BuddyBoss integrates with LearnDash.

We’ve partnered with LearnDash, an award-winning LMS for WordPress. The plugin is used by thousands of schools, universities and educational institutions of all sizes around the globe.

LearnDash is sold separately and is required for enabling elearning features.


BuddyBoss integrates with Tutor LMS.

We’ve partnered with LearnDash , and award-wining LMS for WordPress. The plugin is used by thousands of schools, universities and educational institutions of all size around the globe.

LearnDash is sold separately and is required for enabling earning features.

Justin Ferriman

Co-founder & CEO

The BuddyBoss team understands the needs of the mobile learner and know how to incorporate these very specific elements into your mobile powered learning program. If you’re in the market for a native LearnDash app then the BuddyBoss App for LearnDash with my highest recommendation. You won’t be disappointed.


Endless possibilities

Connect to over 1000+ apps and software using built-in native integrations & web fall-backs.

Sell courses and collect payments,

Give your students a faster and more secure way to pay.


Easily collect and manage payments from your app.

  • In-App Purchases Seamlessly collect payments for subscriptions, memberships and courses with in-app purchases.
  • Automatic Payouts Payments from app stores deposit directly to your bank account.
  • Simple ReceiptsReceipts are handled automatically by the app stores.
  • More Payments Captured Payment methods managed by app stores so no need to worry about card expiry or payment retries.


Unlock the full potential of your sales strategy.

  • Sell Subscriptions Charge members a recurring fee weekly, monthly, yearly or custom.
  • One Time Payments Sell access to courses, memberships, bundles, feature unlocks and more.
  • Pay Per Download Charge a fee to download your app from the app store.
  • Free Trials Give users limited access to your app with free trials.

“The BuddyBoss App has really
enabled us to make more money, to
grow our community, and to form
these really strong connections
with our customers. ”

Jack Tisdall, Founder & CEO

Get started for
as little as $179

Product at a glance

  • Features for online Courses and Communities are available on all plans.
  • Native Mobile App built for iOS and Android devices.
  • Published in your own Apple App Store and Google Play Store developer accounts.
  • Synchronize across mobile and web devices in real-time.
  • Powered by WordPress the world’s most popular content management system.
  • Built with React Native the world’s most popular mobile app development framework.


Why customers love BuddyBoss.

Cat Topham

Co-founder,  Tech Manager

Jack Tisdall

Founder & CEO

Anna Sharp

Founder & CEO

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