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Jay Shetty Certification School


Coaching platform to help coaches build a successful and profitable coaching practice.

The Jay Shetty Certification School is a life coach training program created by motivational speaker Jay Shetty. Using BuddyBoss he built a learning platform to provide training and accredited certification to coaches worldwide. The platform features continuous coach training, a membership directory, peer-to-peer support, exclusive perks, member-only opportunities, and more.

The Shaw Elite Club

The Shaw Elite Club

Level Up Your Physical & Mental Strength with Elite Champion Insights

The Shaw Elite Club offers an exclusive journey to elevate your potential with insights from 4X WSM Champion, Brian Shaw. Their robust website and app built using BuddyBoss, offers access to proven programming, exclusive content, and a private social platform that guides members towards greatness.

Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield

Unlock Success with Transformational Wisdom

Jack Canfield’s platform is the gateway to crafting a life of dreams turned into reality. Their courses and community platform, powered by BuddyBoss, provide a user-friendly haven for seekers of personal growth. They offer transformative workshops, content, and meditation to manifest success.



Nursing community and CNE certification on the go.

NurseCon is a free platform for nurses and nursing students to get instant access to accredited CNE certificate courses. Nurses can connect with coworkers, create groups, hang out in the forums, direct message each other, and much more.


Nurse Blake

AstroTwins Galaxy

AstroTwins Galaxy

Navigate Life’s Journey with Cosmic Insights

AstroTwins Galaxy is a hub of astrological insights and empowerment. Their engaging website and app, crafted using BuddyBoss, ensure a smooth journey for all astrology enthusiasts. Unlock the power of astrology in love, career, and home design.

Jacob’s Piano

Jacob’s Piano

Harmonize Your World with Captivating Melodies

Jacob’s Piano harmonizes life with mesmerizing compositions. The website contains original creations and captivating covers by Jacob Ladegaard. Powered by BuddyBoss, they offer online courses that blend music and creativity to help musicians take their skills to the next level.

Chloe Bruce Academy

Chloe Bruce Academy

Empowerment through Martial Arts & Flexibility

Chloe Bruce Academy empowers individuals through martial arts and flexibility. This empowering platform and its app were brought to life using BuddyBoss. They have a comprehensive library of over 300 videos and offer daily training and workshops to their members.

Reckitt Benckiser Group


Connecting employees, partners, and customers through community and education.

Reckitt is a publicly-traded multinational consumer goods company that produces health, hygiene, and nutrition products. Using BuddyBoss App they provide remote communication and training for Reckitt employees, partners, and customers, as part of the Virtual Campus Medical Channel in Latin America.

Reckitt Benckiser Group

Working with Fear

Working with Fear

Elevate Your Practice with Advanced Behavioral Education

NIACBM revolutionizes Psychology & Psychotherapy education, elevating practitioner outcomes. Built using BuddyBoss, their website allows users to connect with top experts and adopt cutting-edge strategies through advanced programs.

The Hagios Study


Study scripture through the eyes of people who devoted their lives to living for God.

Entrepreneur Kristina Romero creates a community and learning experience for small group study that showcases the beauty of scripture. Through her BuddyBoss Mobile App, she delivers lessons and meditations as a companion to printed bible studies.

Impact Theory


Igniting Human Potential & Impacting Culture At Scale

Impact Theory’s mission is to pull people out of the Matrix, at scale, by giving them an empowering mindset with the best-in-class entertainment and educational content. Serving almost 3M followers with over 50+ courses through BuddyBoss.

Insta Club Hub


Chalene Johnson’s All-In-One Instagram Membership Community

Grow your following and reach more customers on Instagram with this membership platform from influencer Chalene Johnson. With lessons, templates, forums, and weekly live virtual workshops all powered by BuddyBoss.


Bestselling Author Of The Bitcoin Standard Delivers University Level Economics Courses

Dr. Saifedean Ammous Ph.D.; author of multiple best-selling books including “The Bitcoin Standard” delivers university-level courses on Bitcoin, Fiat currency, and the principles of economics, serving his 200k+ followers with BuddyBoss.

Blitzmetrics Academy


Helping Young Adults Become The Leaders Of Tomorrow Through Digital Marketing Skills

Dennis Yu has been building brands and teaching marketing for over 13 years with clients Nike, and Rosetta Stone and partners like Infusionsoft, DigitalMarketer & Social Media Examiner. Through his Blitzmetrics Academy, he helps you level up your marketing with a series of high-quality courses, guides, and webinars delivered through the BuddyBoss Platform & App.

Clever Investor


Real Estate Investing Education To Take Control Of Your Financial Future

Learn proven processes, gain access to the right tools, and join a community of over 1.2M real estate investors to help you on your journey to real financial freedom. Cody Sperber delivers world-class real estate investing training and courses through Clever Investor powered by BuddyBoss.



Consistently Beat The Markets With The Most Followed Trader In The World

Rayner Teo is one of the most-followed stock traders in the world, with an enormous 1.5M community. Through Trading With Rayner 200K traders each month access a library of free trading resources, courses, and memberships powered by BuddyBoss.

Outdoorsy Black Women


Black women connect online and in-person through their love of the outdoors.

Outdoorsy Black Women by Toyin Ajayi is a social network for black women who love the outdoors. Using BuddyBoss they created a community for women to connect, celebrate and adventure outdoors together. The app features groups, forums, events, books clubs, an eCommerce store, a blog, and more.

Outdoorsy Black Women

British Martial Arts & Boxing Association


Multi-award winning, independent martial arts association

British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) founded by Giovanni Soffietto is an award-winning martial arts association that regulates, develops, and promotes grass-roots martial arts throughout the UK. Using BuddyBoss App they created the MyBMABA app to provide their 30,000+ members access to full membership benefits including community tools, account and profile information, documents, resources, licensing, student registration, and much more.

British Martial Arts & Boxing Association

MyBMABA Official App

Choose901 Talent Studio


Community-driven networking for employers and job seekers.

Choose901 is a local media publication based in Memphis, Tennessee connecting their community to current events, local reviews, jobs, and much more. Using BuddyBoss Web they created the Choose901 Talent Studio to connect employers with Memphis-based job seekers. The website features rich member profiles, resources for employers and job seekers, community forums, local event listings, and more.


Choose901 Talent Studio

Project Life Mastery


Empowering 1.2M+ entrepreneurs through self-development content, courses & coaching.

Community Leader Stephan James serves his 1.2M+ audience to improve their health, fitness, emotional resilience, mindset, career, and spiritual growth. Project Life Mastery University delivers a suite of 10 courses to over 24,000 students powered by LearnDash, Gamipress, and BuddyBoss.

School of Sweetgeorgia


Get your fibre arts fix from home or on the road.

The School of SweetGeorgia is a paid membership community and course platform built with BuddyBoss Web and BuddyBoss App. The platform provides fibre artists access to over 300 educational videos, tutorials, and workshops with new courses added regularly. The active community engages in forums, live stream Q&A, and in-person events.

School of SweetGeorgia



Helping 3.5M+ entrepreneurs build tomorrow’s leading businesses.

Foundr’s independent global media and education company works with the greatest entrepreneurs of our generation to distill their lessons into magazines, blogs, podcasts, books, and more than 20 online courses delivered with BuddyBoss to over 3.5M followers.


Teach your kids a foreign language even if you don’t speak it yourself! helps you start teaching your kids one of 11 foreign languages in as little as 7 minutes. Delivering “Talk Boxes” on subscription to your door with companion content developed by native speakers. Powered by BuddyBoss Web & App.



The Easier Way For Non-Techies To Learn WordPress.

Take your WordPress website to new heights with WP Crafter’s large resource of WordPress training videos for non-techies that anyone can follow. Adam Preiser delivers a suite of more than 9 online courses to his audience of over 230K entrepreneurs, on BuddyBoss.



Female entrepreneurs connect, build and grow together.

BossBabe is an online community founded by Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty for ambitious women who want to make more money online and grow their presence on social media. Using BuddyBoss Web’s powerful community features they’ve grown their brand community The Société to 16,000+ members and created a library of exclusive programs from industry leaders on sales, marketing, hiring, branding, social media growth, and money mindset, and much more.


The Société

Liam Harrison Training


World class Muay Thai training courses.

Liam “The Hitman” Harrison is an English welterweight Muay Thai fighter. His website uses BuddyBoss Web to share his knowledge of Muay Thai through his training videos on drills, techniques, blogs, and Muay Thai fighting FAQs. The site is accessible on desktops and optimized for mobile devices.

Liam Harrison



Build a successful piano teaching business.

TopMusicCo by Tim Topham is a course and community platform helping piano teachers around the world teach creatively and grow their music teaching studios. Using BuddyBoss for their website and app they provide members of TopMusicPro with access to community forums, lesson plans and resources, courses and videos, track student progress towards earning Advantage Rewards™, and much more.


MIT Project Manus


Hands-on opportunities to learn about making, prototyping and manufacturing.

Project Manus is MIT’s effort to upgrade university maker spaces and foster maker communities across campus. The website uses BuddyBoss Web to list MIT’s 130,000+ square feet of hands-on maker spaces, shops, and events available to students. The platform hosts how-to videos, online courses, and a community for students across campus to connect and collaborate.



Supporting dental professionals to continue their education and grow their dental practice.

Grow by The Jameson Group is a membership for dental professionals to enhance their careers. Using BuddyBoss they created a course and community to help people at all levels of dentistry learn, connect and grow their dental practice together. The platform features online courses for continuing education approved by the Academy of General Dentistry, live workshops and events, virtual peer groups, and the ability to connect 1 on 1 with a virtual coach.

Grow by: JAMESON

The Happy Pear


Helping people live healthier, happier lives with delicious plant-based recipes.

The Happy Pear was founded by David & Stephen Flynn to create a healthier happier world by helping people eat a plant-based diet. Using BuddyBoss they launched a web and mobile course and community. The Happy Pear Cooking School features courses and recipes for preparing delicious plant-based snacks and meals. The Happy Pear App is a community for members to swap recipes, chat about their experiences, and make new friends.

The Happy Pear App community

The Happy Pear Cooking School

The Curvy Fashionista


Encouraging women on their journey to body love through community, conversations, and connections.

The Curvy Fashionista is a digital platform made to inspire plus-size women with confidence through inspirational news, educational content, and a supportive community. Using BuddyBoss Web they built the TFC Style Lounge, a community for women around the world to connect through weekly masterminds, exclusive events, job boards, and much more.

The Curvy Fashionista

TFC Style Lounge

Religion and Public Life


Join clubs, classes, and events that support the common good.

Religion and Public Life is a mobile course and community platform made by 1791 Delegates, a nonprofit organization in partnership with The Foundation for Religious Literacy. Using BuddyBoss App the organization launched a public social network to promote the understanding of religion through academic clubs, courses, and events.

Religion and Public Life

1791 Delegates

Two Birds Church


A faith-based community supporting each member’s personal, spiritual journey and awakening.

Two Birds Church is a non-denominational church located in Anna, Texas with in-person Sunday services and sacred ceremony offerings involving Ayahuasca tea. Using BuddyBoss App they launched the Two Birds Church Community for members to stay connected, find new friends, message each other, view upcoming events, and much more.

The Boutique Hub


A one-of-a-kind community for retailers to connect with product creators, wholesalers, and distributors.

The Boutique Hub by Ashley Alderson is the world’s largest boutique community for brick-and-mortar retailers, eCommerce business owners, product creators, wholesalers, and distributors. Using BuddyBoss Web they created a network that connects a global community of businesses in the retail industry. The network features groups, courses, events, directories, member perks, discounts, and more.


21k Members Learn Instagram, TikTok & Facebook Marketing With Niko

One of Indonesia’s foremost digital marketing experts and influencers with over 250k followers, Niko Julius delivers 7 online courses on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Copywriting & Affiliate Marketing to his community of over 21k members on BuddyBoss.

Tony’s Acoustic Challenge


You’ve Never Played Guitar This Consistently

If you’re starting guitar late in life or you’ve dabbled for decades, Tony’s Acoustic Challenge will speed up your progress with their simple and fun method. An exciting daily guitar challenge designed to increase your playing consistency so you get better, fast. All powered by BuddyBoss.



Welcome to the Next Generation of College Counseling.

HeyCollege helps young people create positive outcomes for themselves and others through higher education. Where all 8–12th graders can access expert information, find inspiration, and kiss admission stress goodbye. With a unique custom web and mobile platform powered by BuddyBoss & the BuddyBoss App



Enjoy Your Body, Love Your Life With The Kaizenites Social Learning Platform

Everything you need to thrive in the palm of your hand. Learn how to live well, eat healthily, enjoy moving your body and master your mind. With classes, resources community & accountability coaching all powered by BuddyBoss & the BuddyBoss App

Black Professionals Network


Connecting black professionals together and providing them the resources they need to excel and thrive.

Black Professionals Network (BPN) is a non-profit community for black professionals providing programming, opportunities, and connections to excel and thrive. Using BuddyBoss they create a global community of members who support each other to achieve more in life. The platform features member-only events in chapters around the world, a members directory, live webinars, workshops, career boards, and much more.

Black Professionals Network



A private social network made exclusively for women of color in business.

HerSuiteSpot by Marsha Guerrier is a private social network for women of color in pursuit of entrepreneurial careers. Using BuddyBoss they created a network for women to connect through groups, forums, live workshops, online courses, and a career center designed to support women of color access to grants, resources, and more.


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