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App Developer Toolkit

Extend the capabilities of your native mobile app by building on top of our powerful and flexible foundation.

Developer Toolkit

Take it to the next level with a state-of-the-art customizable design.


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  • Live Development Previewing
  • Debug Tool
  • App Codex & Tutorials
  • Merge your custom repo into our core builds
  • Hooks API Reference Library
  • Global CSS Styles Reference
  • Development Tutorials & Videos
  • Developer Support
Nathan Walker

Religion & Public Life

This is absolutely impressive. Congratulations on streamlining the process while making these customized products. I’m incredibly grateful to you all for all your hard work and expertise!

Stefan James

Project Life Mastery

I looked at Kajabi and Thinkific and Teachable and a variety of others, but they didn’t accomplish what I was looking for, they didn’t allow the customization , and the experience standard that I wanted for my customers to be able to experience when they invest in my programs.

Cat Topham

Clan Dog

You don’t have to be a total tech genius to use it. But you have the flexibility to take it as far as you want to take it, which is something that’s really really important to us

Ryan Carlock

CEO at Risepage

Tom and team are literally revolutionizing the App development space from the ground-up, and we get to experience every moment of it. No other competing plug-in is even close to this level of technology wrapped up in the click of a button (build requests). 

The #1 Flexible Foundation To Develop Your Customized
Course, Community Or Membership App

The Future Of Native App Development

How the Buddyboss App Developer Tools make it easier, faster & more affordable than
ever for you to develop your own native app on iOS & Android

Easy Cross-Platform Development

Use our cloud servers to compile your final builds across iOS & Android. No need for any dedicated hardware or software and you never have to worry about developing cross-platform functionality.

Live Development Previewing

Sync edits to your test app and have changes reflected in seconds for a truly live development experience without needing to recompile your code or install a new build each time you make a change.

No Core To Maintain

Setup your own development repo and the BuddyBoss App will automatically merge your custom code into the core each time you generate a new build. Never worry about compiling your app codebase or maintaining your own core app code.

A World Class App, At A Fraction Of
The Cost, In A Fraction Of The Time

The BuddyBoss App revolutionizes native mobile app development with a rapidly
expanding set of developer tools that dramatically reduces the development time and
costs associated with traditional native app creation, deployment and maintenance.

Import Customizable Screens

Customize the app layout and content without needing to write screens from scratch by importing available screen templates and using hooks and filters from our Hooks API in a way you are already familiar with.

REST API Driven Layouts

Easily customize screen layouts using API endpoints so you can visualize your edits live in your test app without needing to compile or push a new build.

Primary & Secondary Site Development

Connect both a primary and secondary site to help you develop and test on a secondary environment without interfering with your live environment or live app.

Debug Tool

Our debug tool shows you a console log and a real-time log of API requests helping you quickly and easily address issues in your custom code.

Easily Extending The App Plugin

Enhance the capabilities of your apps own environment by extending the App plugin including new API Endpoints & API Caching to go beyond just enhancing the look and feel of your BuddyBoss App.

Custom Push Notifications, Deep Linking, Custom Blocks & More…

A rapidly expanding foundation of capabilities for you to create and customize the exact experience you want to deliver to your users.

App Codex & Tutorials

Our dedicated App Codex and developer tutorials give you everything you need to get started customizing the experience in your BuddyBoss App.

Hooks API Reference Library

Browse our reference library of all the hooks available to you, allowing you to replace the output of core app code, including full descriptions of methods, parameters and code examples to get you started.

Global CSS Styles Reference

Reference styles used throughout the apps screens and components, which you can override any one of, to change the look of the app.

App Development Tutorials & Videos

Access detailed app development tutorials walking you through setting up your BuddyBoss App development environment, extending the functionality of the app plugin and making customisations to your app functionality making use of the various resources from our app codex.

Dedicated Developer Support

Along with access to our BuddyBoss Developer Tools you also get enhanced developer
level support from our dedicated app development support team to guide you through
the more complex challenges beyond the capabilities of regular product support.

Hook Requests

Need a hook to achieve something specific in your app? Work with our App team to request specific hooks you need and they will build them into the core for you with an expedited turnaround time.

Implementation Support

Need some help implementing or configuring your hooks to achieve what you want? Our developer support team can help you identify issues or help debug your efforts to get you where you need to go.

Start Developing In 4 Simple Steps

It’s easy to get started developing, extending and customizing the
look, feel and functionality of your BuddyBoss App.


Generate Create Your Custom Development Repository

Create your custom development repository using Github or Gitlab to publish and host your custom code


Connect Your Custom Repository

Connect your custom git repo to your BuddyBoss App so that your code changes can be automatically merged into your release app and test app builds.


Clone Our Custom Code Template Repo

From our github you can clone or download our custom code template repo to give you a basic framework for setting up your custom app code.


We Submit Your App For Publishing

Preview your code changes live in your test app and deploy your changes in one click. Then simply request a new build when you’re ready to merge your custom code changes.

Service at a glance.

  • Your Custom Git Repo Merged Automatically into the core BuddyBoss App.
  • Detailed App Codex & Tutorials to help get you started with custom development
  • Dedicated developer support from our app native development support team.


Explore more add-ons.

Explore other ways we’re making your experience easier!

Cloud App Publishing™

Easy 100% white-label app publishing in your own Apple App Store and Google Play Store developer accounts.

Dedicated App Onboarding

Everything you need to prepare your mobile app for publishing including EasyApp™ Training Series, Video Library, Checklists and live Q&A’s.

Dedicated Web OnboardingComing Soon

Everything you need to launch your website including Training Series, Video Library, Checklists and live Q&A’s.


Our customers love the BuddyBoss

It’s powerful. It’s versatile. It’s unlimited.

Cat Topham

Co-founder,  Tech Manager

Jenna Northwood


Anna Sharp

Founder & CEO

The Flexible Foundation To Develop Your
Course, Community Or
Membership App

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