Bring your community together, on mobile.

Powered by the same technology used by Facebook and our customers.

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Start your social network with confidence.

1000’s of community experts rely on BuddyBoss.

The perfect balance of functionality and design at the right price.


Social networks are mobile networks.

The freedom of BuddyBoss.

  • Native iOS and Android mobile app. Sold Separately
  • Compatible with 1000’s of WordPress themes, plugins, widgets and integrations thanks to built-in native integrations and web-view support.
  • Select your own community features, branding and guidelines.
  • Control your privacy, data and users.
  • No policing, no restrictions, no algorithms.
  • Monetize your community, your way.


Empower your community, your way.

Break free from Facebook groups and artificial limitations.

Community Dashboard

Create a custom dashboard to give members a quick view of recent community activities, interactions and more.


Members can upload avatars, edit profiles and view other members’ profiles

Connections & Followers

Members can view, follow and add each other as a connection.


Members can share videos, pictures, links & docs on their profiles and groups with custom privacy settings.

Comments, Likes & Mentions

Members can engage with each other’s posts with features including @mentions pictures, gifs and more.

Direct Messages

Members can send private messages to one member or a group of members. Enable messages from everyone or friends only.


Members can tag each other using @mentions to engage their friends to join the conversions.

Activity Feeds

The activity feed can feature all site content, specific content types, or even be personalized dynamically with recent posts from friends, people you are following, groups or forums you are part of, to include just content that is relevant to each member.

Social Search

Members can use search to discover public posts, posts by friends, posts from their groups and find member profiles.

In-App Notifications

Notifications can be configured to include @mentions, messages, friend requests and much more.

Push Notifications

Send personalized and targeted notifications including new comments, messages, friend requests and reminders.


Upload your own language files and translate your app into any language, including support for RTL languages.


Add members to public, private or hidden groups. Allow members to create groups and invite friends. Host virtual classes, meetings and events inside your groups.

Online Courses

Add online courses with our LearnDash integration. Sell single courses, course bundles, create a course marketplace or start the next disruptive online university.


Endless possibilities

Connect to over 1000+ apps and softwares using built-in native integrations and web fall-backs.

Take the effort out of checkout.

Give your members a faster and more secure way to pay.


Easily collect and manage payments on mobile.

  • In-App Purchases Seamlessly collect course, subscription and membership payments with in-app purchases on iOS & Android.
  • Automatic Payouts Payments from app stores deposit directly to your bank account.
  • Simple Receipts Receipts are automatically handled by the app stores.
  • More Payments Captured Payment methods are managed by the app stores, so no need to worry about card expiry or payment retries.


Unlock the full potential of your sales strategy.

  • Sell Subscriptions Charge members a recurring fee weekly, monthly, yearly or custom.
  • One Time Payments Sell access to courses, memberships, bundles, feature unlocks and more.
  • Pay Per Download Charge a fee to download your app from the app store.
  • Free Trials Give users limited access to your app with free trials.

“I think BuddyBoss is weird. Why?
Because they provide you with a tool
where you can build a multimillion dollar
business with less than just a couple
thousand dollars a year!”

Ryan Lee, Founder & CEO

Get started for
as little as $179

Product at a glance

  • Features for online Courses and Communities are available on all plans.
  • Native Mobile App built for iOS and Android devices.
  • Published in your own Apple App Store and Google Play Store developer accounts.
  • Synchronize across mobile and web devices in real-time.
  • Powered by WordPress the world’s most popular content management system.
  • Built with React Native the world’s most popular mobile app development framework.


Why customers love BuddyBoss.

Cat Topham

Co-founder,  Tech Manager

Jenna Northwood


Anna Sharp

Founder & CEO

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App Home Screen and Content Overview
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Customizing Options
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Member Profiles
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News Feed
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Members Directory
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Advanced Profile Search
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Social Groups
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Forum Discussions in Groups
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Invite Members to Join Groups
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Send Messages to Group Members
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Manage Group Settings
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Create A New Group
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Profile Repeater Fields
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App Settings
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App Feedback
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Biometrics (Face and Touch Unlock)
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Export Data (GDPR)
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00:16:36 - 00:17:20
Push Notifications
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00:17:46 - 00:19:02
View As Profile Feature
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00:19:33 - 00:19:56
Forum Discussions
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00:20:38 - 00:20:58
00:21:00 - 00:21:58
LearnDash Courses
00:22:00 - 00:23:25
Selling Access to LearnDash Courses and Memberships
00:23:26 - 00:23:56
Offline Support for LearnDash Courses
00:24:00 - 00:24:58
App Pages for Text Content
00:25:49 - 00:26:16
App Pages for Web Links
00:26:17 - 00:26:33
Future Features
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