BuddyBoss Product Update – November 27th, 2023

Navigating the complexities of online platforms requires a vigilant eye for detail and a commitment to continuous improvement. At BuddyBoss, our latest series of updates is a direct response to the valuable feedback from our community. This update focuses on bug fixes, which are crucial steps in refining the overall user experience, ensuring that every interaction on our platform and app is as smooth and reliable as possible.
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Now let’s get to the product updates that we have for you this week.

BuddyBoss Web

The BuddyBoss team is constantly refining the platform to ensure an optimal user experience. This month, we’ve tackled several key issues, enhancing the functionality and reliability of the BuddyBoss Web. Let’s dive into the specifics of each bug fix:

Bug Fixes

BuddyBoss Bugs No More

1. Enhanced “Only Me” Privacy Setting: We identified a glitch where the “Only Me” privacy setting for the Last Name field wasn’t functioning properly when the “Allow members to override” option was selected. 

Our team has diligently worked to resolve this, ensuring that when a user opts for “Only Me,” their last name remains private, as intended.

2. Activity Feed Visibility After Group Exit: We noticed a bug where a member’s single activity feed became invisible after they left a private group. They were seeing an error called “Sorry, there was no activity found.” when trying to check a past member’s single activity.

The fix we’ve implemented ensures that the single activity feed of a member remains visible even after they’ve exited the group, maintaining the continuity and history of interactions.

3. Responsive Profile Notification Buttons: User experience on various devices is a key focus for us. We found that the unread and read buttons on the Profile Notification page were not adjusting properly on smaller screen sizes. 

We’ve improved the responsiveness of these buttons. Now, they adapt effectively to the screen size, ensuring ease of use whether you’re on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

4. French Language Formatting in MemberPress: BuddyBoss users who also use MemberPress were facing formatting issues with new lines.

This impacted the readability and overall user experience. We’ve solved these formatting issues, ensuring a good experience for our French-speaking community.

5. Corrected Duplicate Link Previews in Discussions: We discovered a bug causing link previews to display twice in activity feed discussions. 

This duplication affected the clarity and presentation of information. Our fix now ensures that link previews display correctly, once and clearly, making discussions more streamlined and comprehensible.

6. Critical Hotfix: We have successfully implemented a fix for an authorization vulnerability that arises when either LifterLMS or LearnDash plugins are activated.

Given the critical nature of this issue, it is important for you to update your BuddyBoss Theme immediately.

BuddyBoss App

For the last two weeks, the BuddyBoss App team focused on resolving specific issues that users have encountered, ensuring smoother operation and greater utility. Here’s a closer look at the bug fixes implemented:

Bug Fixes


1. Deeplinking with Images: Users experienced a critical issue where the app would restart when clicking on a deep-linked image. 

Our team has successfully corrected this problem, ensuring that deep links now function seamlessly, especially when linked to images. 

PDF Sharing on iOS: Since the release of version 2.0.00 on iOS, the share option for PDF was removed. Upon user request for document-sharing capabilities, we’ve restored this feature in the latest app version.

Users can now easily share or download PDFs directly from the app. This reinstatement aligns the app with user expectations for document handling.

Deeplink Slug Conflicts: Deep links did not function correctly if a post and a group had the same slug. This created confusion and navigation issues within the app.

We’ve refined our deep-linking logic, enabling the app to distinguish between posts and groups with identical slugs. This improvement ensures that deep links lead users to the correct destination, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of in-app navigation.


The latest updates to the BuddyBoss Platform and App underscore our dedication to delivering a superior user experience. By addressing key bugs, we’re enhancing both the reliability and functionality of our offerings, ensuring a smoother and more secure experience for our community. These improvements reflect our ongoing commitment to respond to user feedback and continuously evolve our services.

We thank you for your invaluable input and look forward to bringing more advancements to the BuddyBoss ecosystem. Stay connected for future updates and enhancements.

Here’s to a continuously improving BuddyBoss experience.

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