BuddyBoss Product Update – May 15th, 2024

Online courses and communities are evolving. With the changes in how people use them, the platforms that support them should also ensure they remain relevant, growing, and user-friendly.

We strive to release product improvements every month to support your growth and keep you ahead of the trends. This month, BuddyBoss has introduced one new feature and enhancement designed to streamline community management. We also released fixes for some bugs that have been reported.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into these updates, exploring their benefits and how they can transform how you interact with your community.

What’s New: Schedule Posts in Your BuddyBoss Community

Overview of Scheduled Posting

One of the most significant updates this month is the introduction of scheduled posts. This feature is a game-changer for site administrators, group owners, and moderators, allowing them to plan and manage content more effectively. 

Note: This is a Platform Pro feature

How It Works

Scheduled posts let administrators, group owners and moderators prepare content in advance and set specific times for their publication. This is particularly useful for managing peak engagement times or coordinating posts with events or promotions.

Accessing Scheduled Posts

To utilize this feature, users can navigate to the settings panel located under BuddyBoss > Settings > Activity in the WordPress backend. Here, you can enable scheduled posts with just a few clicks, making them accessible to all BuddyBoss Web customers.

Benefits for Community Management

The ability to schedule posts offers several advantages:

  • Consistency in Engagement: Keep your community active by scheduling regular updates without manual intervention.
  • Better Time Management: Plan content in advance during less busy periods and have it go live when most of your community is online.
  • Strategic Content Delivery: Align posts with marketing campaigns or community events to maximize impact.

Enhancements: Simplifying Interaction

Avatar Display Simplification

A subtle yet impactful enhancement is the simplification of avatar displays in group posts. Previously, posts in a group feed would show the member’s avatar superimposed on the group avatar. The update now ensures that only the member’s avatar is displayed.

This change enhances visual clarity and focuses attention on the individual’s identity, which can streamline the user interface, making it cleaner and more straightforward.

Bugs No More: Enhancing User Experience

Improved Quiz Interaction

One of the bugs addressed in this update is the pre-selection of answers when retaking a LearnDash quiz on the BuddyBoss App. Previously, users retaking a quiz would see their earlier answers pre-selected.

Now, each attempt at a quiz starts fresh, ensuring that users need to actively select their answers, which mirrors the more intuitive experience found on the web platform.

Refined Search Functionality

Another critical fix implemented addresses the search functionality, particularly in multilingual setups. Previously, searching for a term could bring up results in all languages, regardless of the user’s current language setting, leading to confusion.

The search now respects the site’s language settings, only displaying results relevant to the user’s chosen language. 

Zoom Integration Correction

For communities using Zoom through BuddyBoss for virtual meetings and webinars, there was an issue with the display of recordings for recurring meetings. This bug has been fixed to ensure recordings for each session are displayed correctly, addressing discrepancies caused by timezone conversions.

For the complete list of releases, please check out our release notes.


BuddyBoss’s latest updates significantly enhance the functionality and user experience of the platform. By introducing scheduled posts and refining existing features, BuddyBoss is not just keeping up with the needs of modern online communities but also anticipating future demands. Whether you’re managing a small interest-based community or a large-scale professional network, these enhancements make BuddyBoss an even more compelling choice for building and maintaining an engaged online community.

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