BuddyBoss Product Update – December 12th, 2023

At BuddyBoss, we believe in constant growth and meeting user requests to serve our users better. This commitment is evident in our newest updates and a brand-new feature, designed to enrich the online learning functionality on BuddyBoss.

In this blog, we’re excited to dive into the details of our recent enhancements, headlined by the highly anticipated Tutor LMS integration. It’s a game-changer for educators and learners alike.

Join us as we explore each of these updates in detail, highlighting how they can benefit your online community and enhance your overall experience on the BuddyBoss platform.

New Feature

Tutor LMS Integration

We’re thrilled to introduce a new integration with one of the rising stars of the Learning Management Systems in WordPress, Tutor LMS. The integration is designed to seamlessly blend Tutor LMS courses with the BuddyBoss Web styles, while adding social interaction through BuddyBoss Social Groups.Here’s what you get with the Tutor LMS integration:

  • BuddyBoss Theme styling combined with the functionality of Tutor LMS. We’ve updated page styling, and mapped user avatars and profiles for a streamlined user experience.
  • Added social engagement through connecting Tutor LMS courses with BuddyBoss Social Groups, allowing for students to discuss topics together, whilst also automatically showing student updates. This helps bring students together, whilst also becoming an accountability tool to motivate student progression.
  • Courses posted automatically to the Activity Feed whenever content such as new courses, lessons and quizzes are modified or published. 
  • When a course is attached to a group, any enrollment or course-related activity will now automatically generate a post within that group.
  • Whenever an instructor or site admin publishes new course content such as a course, lesson, quiz, or assignment, it’s announced in the main activity feed.

Try The Tutor LMS Demo 

Bug Fixes

BuddyBoss Bugs No More

BuddyBoss Platform

Apart from the major feature release, we’ve also focused on addressing some critical issues to enhance functionality and user experience.

WordPress Twenty Twenty-Three Theme Search Fix: Users faced a significant challenge with the WordPress Twenty Twenty-Three Block Theme, where network search results were not displaying, and the default search page layout was disrupted. Our team has diligently worked to rectify this, ensuring that search functionality is now fully operational and integrates seamlessly with the theme, providing a smooth and reliable search experience across the platform.

Group Notification Button Sync: We recognized an inconsistency issue with the group notification button on the iOS app, where its status did not accurately reflect the latest updates in real-time. This was more than a minor inconvenience; it was an obstacle to seamless communication. We’ve tackled this problem head-on, ensuring that the notification button now syncs perfectly with real-time updates, enhancing the consistency and reliability of group interactions.

Pin Post Confirmation Pop-up Update: We’ve revamped the style of the pin post confirmation pop-up. Previously, it appeared in the middle of the screen, which was out of sync with our other notification presentations. Now, it appears in the bottom right corner, aligning with our standard notification style. This update not only improves the visual consistency of the platform but also enhances the overall user experience by providing a more intuitive and less intrusive notification system.

BuddyBoss App

The BuddyBoss App has also received significant attention in this update, with crucial bug fixes aimed at improving the user experience on mobile devices.

Android Login Modal Enhancement: Android users encountered a frustrating issue where a white space appeared when entering details in the login modal text boxes. Recognizing the importance of a seamless login process, our team has addressed this issue, ensuring a smoother, more user-friendly login experience on Android devices.

Group Membership Interaction Improvement: Previously, the group membership accept/reject functionality in member lists did not update the Accept and Reject buttons post-interaction, leading to confusion and a disjointed experience. We’ve overhauled this feature, ensuring that the buttons now correctly update after each interaction for immediate feedback and control. This enhancement greatly improves the usability and effectiveness of managing group memberships within the app.

Accurate Date Display in Profile: An issue where dates in the profile fields were displaying a day late has been corrected. This fix ensures that all date-related information in the app is now accurately represented, which is crucial for events, anniversaries, and other date-sensitive activities within the community.

Blog Category Navigation Fix: We addressed a navigation issue in the blog section. If a user selected a specific blog category and then re-selected ‘All Categories’, the blog posts would disappear. This bug has been fixed, ensuring a consistent and reliable browsing experience in the blog section of the app.

With more than another 30 issues fixed with this update, See Full Release Notes


It’s been a long wait for the Tutor LMS integration and we’re excited for you to experience and share your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable as it fuels our continuous improvement and innovation. Together, we are shaping a future where online communities and learning platforms are not just functional but are also engaging, intuitive, and above all, user-centric.

Author Faisal Sarker Faisal is a tech writer and marketer. Apart from writing useful content that help people around the world, he also likes to travel and read books of all genres in his leisure time.
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