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I am a WordPress enthusiast who creates Technical Content for WordPress users. If you ever need help starting your own course site or your own membership community, feel free to check out my content at BuddyBoss where we help influencers and experts start their own courses.

Why BuddyBoss Is Better Than Teachable For Online Courses

Teachable and BuddyBoss are both popular course platforms that help you start your brand for your course-based business. Both of these platforms have almost the same purpose but with some different features. It is important to know the differences and features between these two platforms before you choose one. Because course development is a long […]

Audience Engagement Tips for Online Community Management System

Social media was initially created to connect, communicate, and relay information. But with social media growing overpopulated with a sea of content and users, many businesses today opt to maintain a separate online community to improve sales and customer relationships. Having an online community means you need to know how to deal with your customers […]

Tips for Online Community Management System

How to Make a Training Video For an Online Course

Did you know that more than 70% of viewers on YouTube use the platform to solve a problem? Today, almost all businesses use videos to bring traffic to their business and guide their users on how to use their products.  But when it comes to course creation, a lot of planning and hours of development […]

making a training video

How to Increase Blog Traffic with Less Content 

When starting a coaching business or any business, we often emphasize creating content such as blogs to increase traffic. However, content creation through blogs and videos can be exhausting. At the same time, one cannot stop making blog content in the name of exhaustion because it means Google’s algorithm will rank other businesses with their […]

how to increase blog traffic

How to Identify Target Audiences for Your Online Course

At BuddyBoss, we have a huge resource to guide you to start your course or your membership community. After several videos and blog posts, we realized there was one topic that needed to be separately covered- What are primary considerations in identifying a target audience? As a former course creator myself, this task is vital […]

What Is The Best Way To Outline Your Online Course

After deciding to create a course, one of the first steps is to set a well-structured course outline. A proper outline will serve as a roadmap for you to follow as you add content to your outline.  To make your course stand out from the rest, you need to be able to set a proper […]

how to create an online course outline