Breaking Down WordCamp Asia 2023: BuddyBoss’ Highlights and Insights

As the tech world adjusts back in line after the pandemic, BuddyBoss has recently joined hands with other tech companies to host WordCamp Asia 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand.

The camp offered so much to attendees, sponsors, volunteers, organizers, and speakers. From the food to the summer beaches and the amazing people from all sectors of WordPress, this year’s WordCamp showed once again that you can grow with WordPress while also meeting experts in the WordPress ecosystem.

WordCamp Asia 2023 Recap

Below is a quick glance at the event. Feel free to take a look at the links if you want to know all about the event.

  • Duration: 17 to 19 Feb 2023
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand at the ICONSIAM 7th & 8th floors
  • Attendees: 1,500+
  • Sessions: 55
  • Speakers: 60
  • Organizers: 53
  • Volunteers: 84
  • Sponsors: 44
  • Media Partners: 7

How was the journey for BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss was able to showcase many of its services to the WordPress community. The main focus was on coaching and building an online community which can be done online and even through a mobile app. 

Furthermore, the experience was not just about tech and development. 

BuddyBoss got feedback and new ideas on its existing services to those who specialize in training and teaching online. 

Making new friends and meeting the users were one of the most important moments for BuddyBoss. Here are some pictures of the event:

Are you one of the lucky ones to win swags? Here are some of our lucky winners from the fun games we had at the event. We also provided 500+ swags including T-shirts, Hoodies, Pens, Mug, Gym Bags, Bags, Stress Balls, Stickers and many more!  

Who did we meet at Wordcamp Camp Asia 2023?

Since BuddyBoss is known to develop apps for online community and e-learning purposes, the BuddyBoss booth met with people from many sectors looking to build their websites for businesses.

Many tech experts showed interest in the BuddyBoss platform as many software engineers tend to create courses on programming.

One of the attendees questioned if the BuddyBoss platform was suitable for teaching IELTS to students in real time. This is possible as the BuddyBoss platform has long supported formal academics.

The support for teaching is so broad that a trainer does not have to use a Facebook group to send messages, files, and videos. 

In fact, BuddyBoss has its own membership platform so that trainers can send their teaching content only to their paid members. 

Nurse Blake, actually created a membership platform for nurses using BuddyBoss. The platform is used to educate and connect with other nurses in the medical field. His content updates are done in his membership group which helps to bring traffic to his website.

This means your business will grow as your community grows side-by-side.

In the past, it took months to start an official training platform to start educating an audience. Now all of that is done for you. 

What else has BuddyBoss done during the event?

The stall was not just a place for meeting and making great connections. Visitors played games to try and win countless swags available at the booth.

In addition, visitors got the chance to explore and try out the BuddyBoss platform live from our booth. 

The booth was joined by visitors and the founders, leaders, and team members of BuddyBoss.

After hours of visitation, photo sessions, discussions, and fun games, the team had a grand dinner at Bangkok after the WordCamp.

Hangout after the WordCamp

Find us in more WordCamps! 

We at BuddyBoss aim to be there every year to sponsor WordCamps around the world. Being a part of the WordPress community helps to connect more people to assist them in building websites for education, coaching, and for membership.
There are going to be more WordCamps in 2023. So the next time you hear another WordCamp happening near you, remember that we will be there to help anyone looking to start their e-learning and membership platforms.

Also, don’t forget to say ‘Hi’ and get a handful of swags from us! 🙂

Author Arshadina Najib I am a WordPress enthusiast who creates Technical Content for WordPress users. If you ever need help starting your own course site or your own membership community, feel free to check out my content at BuddyBoss where we help influencers and experts start their own courses.
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